Winter outfit: first and second layers guide!

Last week, I published a super complete post about winter jackets – and you can check it out by clicking here. But when we talk about extreme cold, a coat alone is no guarantee that you will be protected. You need to pay attention to the other layers. Remember: The key to a good winter outfit is not to get a lot of clothes, but to choose the right layers to ensure you are warm and protected.

First layer

Great winter clothing keeps you warm primarily by trapping warm air next to your body (which is called insulation). And when we talk about the first layer, the composition is very important. The right decision is to wear layers made of synthetic, quick-drying material that helps evaporate your sweat. That’s the right way to avoid that your clothes are wet enough to transfer a significant amount of heat away from your body.  Synthetic fabrics, like polyester and nylon, are great choices – they are described as “hydrophobic” because they resist water, so they won’t retain moisture against your body. Natural wool is also a right bet – but some people don’t like the wool in direct contact with skin.

For this first layer, my suggestion is to use the famous thermal items. The most famous brand in this regard is Uniqlo – I already wrote a super complete post about Uniqlo – click here.

Thermal clothing – Uniqlo

If you would like to check more options, always search for Thermal clothing. Amazon has a huge range of thermals and you can check out more:

Second layer

Only a thermal top + jacket is not enough to handle extremely cold temperatures. Therefore, choosing a second efficient layer is very important in the final result of the composition. In this case, I suggest fleece, wool, cashmere or even down-padded or synthetic blouses in lightweight versions (want an example? Uniqlo Ultra Light Down jackets are great for this intermediate layer). Particularly, despite being a higher investment, I prefer cashmere to fleece, even for the versatility when it comes to creating outfits!



Camada intermediária – Ultra Light Down

  • You can find cashmere sweaters at Macy’s, Century 21, J Crew, Everlane, Madewell. 
  • There are several brands that offer these light jackets and vests like Uniqlo – but Uniqlo usually has the best price.
  • When looking for wool sweaters, be sure to check the composition on the label.


A great insulated jacket, with good length and great boots, will help a lot in warming up your body. At the bottom, I suggest the thermal tights. What I like to wear in winter is fake leather pants and even jeans, depending on the day, obviously. Including the thermal layer depends on the day and your resistance. Unlike at the top, wearing more than one layer at the bottom may not be the most comfortable thing in the world. So a good tip is Uniqlo’s Heattech pants:

  • Fake leather pants are easily found in stores like Zara and H & M.
  • Thiago spends all winter in jeans lol.

Final tips

  • Check my Uniqlo guide.
  • The links presented in the post are from affiliates – it costs nothing more to buy for them and you help me!


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