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What to wear in New York City during Spring – tips and outfits inspo

Spring officially starts on March 20th and ends on June 20th. In New York City, the beginning of Spring is usually cold, and it gets warm as time passes. This means that you will still need to wear warmer clothes at the end of March and throughout April. The scenario tends to improve in May; in fact, May and June are the best periods for those who don’t like extreme temperatures. As in Fall, it is worth remembering that temperatures vary greatly. A winter/fall vibe prevails in March and April – the weather is already quite summery in May. Therefore, consider that the tips in this post are a guidance with ideas of what to wear in spring and inspirations for outfits – but it is essential that you check the weather forecast before packing. If you live in the city, I hope this post can bring you some ideas and inspiration – I know it can be tricky to choose an outfit during these days when the weather is “bipolar”.

How is Spring in New York City? 

Spring is mid-season. It is similar to Fall, but in reverse: it starts cold, and then it gets warmer. If you are visiting – and you’re not from a cold place like New York, a temperature considered mild for us is still very cold for us those who are not used to it. Want an example? Last week I went out to dinner – and the weather was nice: 12°C | 53.6°F. I wore a long-sleeved shirt, a leather jacket, and sheer tights with a skirt. And it was perfect. But I’m sure my outfit wouldn’t be enough for someone who isn’t used to it. That’s why I will always hit the key: what feels cold to you? And, even at the risk of being repetitive: YOU MUST CHECK THE WEATHER FORECAST BEFORE PACKING! Wanna know another example?  Well, two days after that 12°C | 53.6°F night the temperatures dropped…  it was -1°C | 30°F. A brutal difference in a few days. Welcome to Spring in New York – that often happens  between March and April. There will be mild days, colder days, and warmer days. How do you get ready for that? Checking the forecast. At the beginning of the season, at the end of March and April, averages are low, between 6ºC | 42°F and 16ºC |60°F. In May, from 12ºC | 53ºF to 21ºC | 70ºF and in June, from 17ºC | 62 F to 26ºC | 78ºF (which is already summer for us lol). Of course, these are averages. Remember: spring is bipolar lol.

Still giving an overview of Spring, remember that this is one of the most magical times to be in the city because… flowers! Tulip beds and cherry trees are the main highlights – but we’re talking about mother nature, so it’s only for a period.

In addition to all this, you need to be versatile and practical when dressing for spring – especially at the beginning of the season. So think about layers when packing.

What to wear in spring in New York?

I will list all the items I usually use during Spring in the city, and I will explain a little about each one. Then I’ll show you some outfit ideas!

  • Attention: men can adapt the suggestions below.

  • Coats – trench coats, leather jackets, light down jackets, and wool coats are the best options for Spring in the city – at least in the beginning. These options very versatile, as they can be combined with t-shirts, if it is not that cold, or with a sweater, to keep you warm.
  • Pants – I love denim pants – and then you can bring the color/wash that you like the most, obviously – and I also love joggers because it is a comfortable and casual option – and it matches perfectly with the coat options I suggested earlier.
  • Tops – depending on the average temperature, it is worth bringing some t-shirts to coordinate with a leather jacket and trench coat, as well as some sweaters, which can even be worn without a coat or jacket, depending on the day. The combo jeans + sweater don’t fail.
  • Dresses and skirts – Spring is also a great time to pack dresses and skirts – which can be paired with tights and a jacket. You can also use thermal tights – but it all depends on the temperature. You already know, right? You have to check the weather app.
  • Shoes – no need for heavy winter boots. I love ankle boots and white sneakers.

Remember: these clothing tips are good for the end of March, April and the beginning of May.

SMART TIP: I think Fall and Winter outfits can be very similar – but the difference is that for Fall outfits, you see will see more covered necks – with sweaters or scarfs – and for Spring you will see different neckline patterns, plus a lot of cotton tops, that are lightweight. 




Spring shopping list

Spring outfits inspiration

The photos above these are real Spring outfits and they were taken during the colder periods between the end of March and mid-April. As you can see, I no longer wear super heavy coats.

Here are some pictures from warm Spring days – denim jacket, lightweight trench coat, leather jacket. All paired with t-shirts and sneakers or ankle boots.

And more inspo ideas! During Spring, I let go the thermal layers and I wear light tops and with jackets or some sweater, a mix and match. Like I mentioned before, booties and sneakers are my best friends.

More ideas? Check my board below!

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