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How to buy cheap Broadway tickets – and more tips!

One of the classic things to do in New York City is attending a Broadway performance! It is part of the soul of the city – if Los Angeles has Hollywood, New York has Broadway. The question that catches a lot of people is the price of the tickets, which, let’s face it, are not very cheap. But the ticket price shouldn’t be a problem when you know some tricks! I’m pretty sure that even if you live here, you are gonna love all these tips on how to buy Broadway tickets without going broke!

Rush tickets and lottery

There are two common ways to get cheap Broadway tickets: rush tickets or lottery. First, let’s understand how each one works. Rush tickets are tickets sold on the same day of the show, with a discount, for performances on the same day. They are available at the time the theater box office opens – usually in the morning – and are limited to two tickets per person. Once you know what time the box office opens, arrive early – there are always lines for this type of ticket and sometimes there are not enough tickets for everyone.

Another way to get cheap tickets is by lottery. It works like this: two hours before the show begins, you give your name at the box office. Then, they make a lottery with the tickets that have not been sold – the winners get two tickets for $35 each. The coolest thing is that, for example, you can get a better seat, that it would be expensive! But, to be honest, this practice is not that common today, since most of the plays and musicals that offer lottery tickets do that through an online lottery, which is more convenient, right?

Ok, now I could just suggest some websites and apps for online lottery, but you know what? The best source to know what is the cheapest ticket available for that performance is the website Broadway for broke people. It provides a lot of information, such as the location, times, and how to cheap tickets – rush or lottery tickets. You will find information on how to proceed in cases of lottery or rush, including the link to enter. So, just save this website.

And most important: if you wanna get lucky, you need to be consistent! I’m telling you, the online lottery is not a joke – when my mom was visiting me, she won two times (for Aladdin and for The Lion King). My tip? You need to be consistent! Try every single day, lol. Put an alarm on your phone and just try! You will win at some point, I’m pretty sure!


Ok, you read rush tickets and online lottery and you thought: I have no time for this sh*t. Ok, so maybe you should try TodayTix app, they have tickets for all the plays and musicals, including some off-broadway options. You can also enable notifications to know about lottery – yes, there is some online lottery for some performances. Very easy right? You purchase through the app or the website, using your credit card, and on the performance’s date, one person from Today Tix staff (they wear a red uniform, easy to identify) stands in front of the theater waiting for you with your tickets. You can also check out the TodayTix website (use my link to support my blog!).


TKTS, the box office which is behind the red stairs in Times Square, is not the best place to save money. Sometimes there have good deals – with up to 80% off – but the problem is that you lose a lot of time in lines. What few people know is that TKTS has two more locations in New York – one in Downtown and one in Brooklyn. The advantage? There are usually no lines and these box offices sell tickets with discounts for performances on the same day there are also tickets with discounts for the next day (which doesn’t happen at Times Square location!). To check the locations, just click here and do not forget to pay attention to schedules.

Playbill club

Playbill website also offers tickets with discounts. For this, you need to sign up for a membership program – absolutely free. Discounts for Broadway and Off-Broadway shows vary by 10-50%. As this is a free program, it doesn’t hurt to register and keep an eye on deals, right? To access, click here.

Broadway Roulette – this system was created by a new yorker couple, Eric Streisand e Elizabeth Durand Streisand. Their apartment became an unofficial resting spot for friends and relatives from around the world. And these same friends wanted to see a Broadway show, but when they learned tickets were out of their budget range and/or nearly impossible to get, they would often cross Broadway off their to-do list. Then, Eric and Elizabeth created the Broadway Roulette. So, you access the website, you specify the date and number of tickets (up to 10), a preference for a musical or play, and exclude up to four shows you’ve seen (or you don’t want to see). You can also exclude 2 additional shows for $10 more/ticket. On the day of the performance, Broadway Roulette “spins the wheel” and sends you a great show that matches their criteria — all for the affordable, flat price is $59. Broadway Roulette mainly gets Orchestra and mid Mezzanine seats.  This is guaranteed: so, it’s good to have an open mind. Do your research about the musicals and plays.

Do you like these tips? Do you have any other suggestions on how to get cheap tickets for Broadway performances?


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