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What to wear in New York City during Fall – tips and outfits inspo

Fall in the Northern Hemisphere begins on September 23rd and ends on December 20th. So if you’re coming to New York City and don’t know what to pack, I’ll share some tips. But, it is worth remembering: the Fall weather prevails more between October and November. Therefore, consider that the information in this post is much more valid for that period – because, in December, it is already winter weather, with increasingly lower temperatures.

How is Fall in New York City? 

Fall is mid-season. It is similar to Spring, only in reverse: the season starts warm and ends cold. At the beginning of the season, the averages are a delight, with highs of 64F OR 18°C ​​ – but by the end of November, the highs are already around 48F or 9°C. Of course, this is an average. The truth is that Fall – especially in October – can be very tricky. That’s why I always say: it’s essential that you check the weather forecasting before traveling. I always like to reinforce this because part of me is still surprised by people asking “how’s the weather out there” when that information is two clicks away. Seriously: check the weather forecast. But, be reasonable: you don’t want to check the weather forecast a month before the trip.

Checking the weather before the trip becomes even more critical when we talk about mid-season in New York because although we know the averages and we know that it can be warm in the middle of Fall every year, you will only know when that will happen if you check the weather forecasting. It’s not because it was warm at the end of October 2019 that this year will be the same, you know? And do you know one more reason why you should check the weather forecasting? People’s perception of cold is different. While for me, 60F is a pleasant temperature, for many people, it is cold. So it’s no use me telling you that “the weather is perfect” if you’re not used to it, you know?

In addition to all this, you need to be versatile and practical when dressing for Fall – especially at the beginning of the season, since during the day you will undoubtedly be hotter with the high temperatures and, at the end of the day, it just cools down a bit. So think about layers when packing your outfits.

What to wear during Fall in New York City?

I’m going to list all the items I usually wear during Fall in the city, and I’m going to explain a little about each one. Then I’ll show you some outfit ideas!

  • Attention: men can adapt the suggestions below.

  • Coats – trench coats, leather jackets, light down jackets, and wool coats are the best options for Fall in the city. The wool coat is undoubtedly going to be used more by those coming in November – but again, it all depends on the averages you get and how cold you usually get. But, overall, I find these options very versatile, as they can be combined with t-shirts, if it is not that cold, or with a sweater, to keep you warm.
  • Pants – I love denim pants – and then you can bring the color/wash that you like the most, obviously – and I also love joggers because it is a comfortable and casual option – and it matchwas perfectly with the coat options I suggested earlier.
  • Tops – depending on the average temperature, it is worth bringing some t-shirts to coordinate with a leather jacket and trench coat, as well as some sweaters, which can even be worn without a coat or jacket, depending on the day. The combo jeans + sweater don’t fail.
  • Dresses and skirts – Fall is also a great time to pack dresses and skirts – which can be paired with tights and a jacket. You can also use thermal tights – but it all depends on the temperature. You already know, right? You have to check the weather app.
  • Shoes – no need for heavy winter boots. I love ankle boots and white sneakers.

Remember: these clothing tips are good for October and November. December can be freezing, and you will need thermal items and heavy coats.


My favorite brands

Here are some brands that I love to shop from:

  • Abercrombie – this brand always has cute Fall itens.
  • Urban Outfitters – cool and young clothes. BDG denim fit so well!
  • Aritzia – Canadian brand, the clothes are so beautiful and unique! I love the coats!
  • Everlane – it is an amazing brand for the best quality basics! The boots are also cute.

Fall outfits inspiration

In the pictures above, you can see how I used many of the items I suggested earlier. As I mentioned,  I love ankle boots – without heels or with very low heels, because you know, this is New York, we walk a lot! The leather jacket is always a part of my outfits at this time – and check it out: depending on the temperature, even a denim jacket could be a great option.

Here, some more examples of outfits with the pieces I suggested. The caramel windbreaker jacket was styled with the jogger – I love it, it’s casual and comfortable. And I’m wearing a t-shirt with the leather jacket in the second picture  – a perfect combination for mild weather. The black dress is a wool dress and is another way to keep you a warm and being creative. I love!

Now that you have seen what I wear, you can check the board below that I created on Pinterest, with some outfit ideas for Fall in New York City. Remember: follow your style, wear whatever makes you feel great – but always prioritize comfort! And remember, this is NYC! Hope the ideas I’ve saved on this board can help you to pack!

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