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New York City K-Beauty shopping guide

I am a huge fan of K-Beauty – I’ve been following some brands and products from Korean since I was living in Brazil and used to order my products through eBay! When I moved to NYC, I started to explore the city looking for K-Beauty stores, and, at that time, most of them were restricted to the Flushing area, in Queens. Now the scenario is different. Since 2015, a lot has changed in the market and several brands have opened stores in Manhattan because K-Beauty has become a huge thing. It is not just a trend anymore. New York City has so many amazing stores and on today’s post, I will list them for you!



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Amore Pacific – is one of the most luxurious Korean cosmetics brands. The focus of the brand is on skincare and there are several collections, for mild, moderate, and advanced signs of age. The formulas take ingredients like green tea, bamboo sap, and red ginseng that work together to reverse the signs of aging. In addition, it is worth remembering that Amore Pacific was the one that had created the concept of cushion, so widespread today not only in Korean brands but also copied by western brands. The brand’s corner at Bloomingdale’s also offers facials.

Address: 1000 Third Avenue (at Bloomingdale’s).


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Club Clio – Clio Club brings together three brands from the same group: Clio Professional, Peripera, and Goodal. Clio Professional is a makeup brand known for its iconic eyeliners, which are best sellers not only in Korea but throughout Asia. The products have excellent formulations, and the brand is known as “Mac in Korea”. Peripera is another makeup brand, with younger and romantic style, whose highlight is the design of the packages, always cute and fun. Finally, Goodal is the skincare brand of the group, made up of natural and quality formulas, focused on fermented ingredients. Club Clio stores also offer Dr. G, a cosmeceutical brand based on the vision of taking care of skin daily for healthy skin. There are specific lines for different skin concerns.  Kill Black Waterproof Pen Liner is not only one of the Clio bestsellers, but also the best-selling in Korea. Peri’s Tint is a very versatile product and Korean women favorite to give a light color to the lips.

Address: 136-86 Roosevelt Ave, Flushing. 


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The Face Shop – The Face Shop is currently one of the most successful Asian companies in the international market. The brand’s mission is to offer high-quality products, made with natural ingredients. In fact, the ingredients are quite interesting: the skincare lines carry ingredients such as chia seed, green tea, and mango. The Face Shop also has a special line for men as well as products for hair, body, baby, and even fragrances. The gift options also deserve attention, with fair prices. Try the Gold Collagen Ampoule Foundation, with sunscreen and skin-care properties that provide a radiant, high-moisturizing. Also, check out the Jeju Volcanic Lava Self-Heating Mask, a heating pore mask containing Jeju Volcanic Ash purifies skin as a warm sensation opens pores upon application.

Addresses: 25 W 32nd St (Koreatown) / 5913 8th Ave (Brooklyn) / 13653 Roosevelt Ave (Flushing).


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Tony Moly –  the name “TonyMoly” means “Putting style into packaging”. The quirky term is derived from the English word “tony”, meaning stylish, and the Japanese word “moly”, meaning packaging. Loved by so many of its cult beauty fans, TonyMoly is most known for its whimsical, adorable packaging. The hand creams and lip balms have the shapes of the fruits, it is so cute! In addition to skincare products, TonyMoly also offers makeup and body and hair products. The banana-based line, one of the best-selling of the brand, has a sleeping mask, hand cream, and lip balm, all with the fruit’s shape and fragrance. The egg-based line is also another success, for pore care – there are noise stripe, soap, and masks, among other products. TonyMoly’s sheet masks are also the brand’s bestsellers, as well as patches for specific areas, such as lips and cheeks.

Addresses: 234 Canal St #112 / 53 Bridge St #712 (Brooklyn).


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Nature Republic – Founded in 2009, Nature Republic is a South Korean cosmetic brand that utilizes all-natural derived ingredients of the highest quality for all their products, like aloe vera, argan oil, and green tea. Nature Republic offers products in categories like body care, hair care, makeup, and skincare, the highlight of the brand. The must-have product is the Ginseng Royal Silk cream, known as “The Miracle Cream”. The formula contains 6 years old ginseng, royal jelly, and 95% specks of gold. The combination of the anti-aging ingredients smooths out wrinkles and brightens the skin. The Snail Skin Care line is a customer favorite, due to the anti-aging and whitening benefits. The snail mucus is extracted, filtrate, and put into the product, making it one of the best and fast working anti-aging skincare lines. For the warm seasons, the Super Aqua line is very light and fast absorbent. Contains marine plants and minerals from the ocean, which help to seal in moisture and protect the outer skin layer.  And the best selling item is the Aloe Vera gel, which is derived from organic Aloe Vera grown in California. Having multiple uses, this gel is a head to toe treat. Because of the success, Nature Republic launched the Real Squeeze Aloe Vera line. The collection features Toner, Essence, Emulsion, and Cream that contains concentrated Aloe Vera from California. The formulas are light, refreshing, and fast-absorbing.


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Besfren Beauty – this is probably my favorite option for K-beauty in NYC! And just because it is a multi-brand Korean cosmetics store. Products are carefully selected to offer not only trendy but also proven items. The curatorial team consists of biochemists, designers, and beauty merchandisers with a profound understanding of Korean beauty products. With skincare and makeup items, Besfren offers an impressive selection of brands – some of them are very hard to find in New York City. Among the names: Innisfree, Etude House, SkinFood, Dr. Jart+, Elizavecca, Leaders, Neogen, and Holika Holika. It’s worth highlighting the broad selection of sheet masks too. If you go there, make sure to grab an Egg White Mask from Skinfood, my favorite!

Address: 315 5th Ave / 203 Grand St / 136-89 Roosevelt Ave (Flushing) / 165-01 Northern Blvd (Flushing).


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Innisfree – this brand is part of the Amore Pacific group and it has increasing his presence in the USA during the recent years. They have 4 stores in NYC! Innisfree offers innovative beauty solutions powered by the finest natural ingredients responsibly sourced from Korea’s pristine Jeju Island. The proprietary extraction methods preserve the purity and potency of these wholesome ingredients from plant to bottle, offering advanced formulas that safely address all skin concerns without the use of harmful chemicals and preservatives. The most popular lines are Green Tea and also the Volcanic Clay products. For makeup, try the Matte mineral setting powder. Also, it is good to know that the retail stores have innovative things like a machine for finding your foundation shade and customizable face masks.

Addresses: 750 Lexington Avenue / 1293 Broadway / 862 Broadway / 185 Greenwich Street (Westfield Mall).


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Everyday Beauty Lab – the store carries more 150 Korean and Japanese brands in categories like makeup, hair, body, and skincare products. It is a must-go shop for those who like to know different products and also for K-beauty lovers. One of the highlights of the chain is Missha, a famous brand known for the Perfect Cover BB Cream, one of the best selling in the world. In addition to BB Cream, you can also find skin care products and other makeup items from the brand. If you like face masks – especially sheet masks – the store is a true paradise. Another highlight of Everyday Beauty is the presence of Bioré, a Japanese brand famous for the excellent sunscreen line. For those who love makeup, it is impossible to resist the section with mascaras, eyeliners, and eyelashes. If you are looking for skincare products, you will find excellent brands such as O HUI and Faith. Also, it is worth exploring the store – because Asian brands always offer unusual and different products.

Address: 115 Bowery Street / 13620 Roosevelt Ave (Flushing – New World Mall) / 13685 Roosevelt Ave # 2 


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oo35mm – despite being super tiny and somehow a hidden store, oo35mm is very well frequented and has super loyal customers. And is among my favorites! The shelves are filled with varied products from Korean and Japanese brands. Also, the staff is always ready to help you and answer your questions. Among the brands that can be found at the store are Innisfree, Etude House, Bioré,, and Elizavecca. The place is very on-trend and all the newest hot items that are trending are probably in stock at oo35mm. So, don’t underestimate the store because of its size.

Address: 81 Mott St.


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New Kam Man – nothing more exciting than visiting an Asian supermarket when you’re in an Asian neighborhood in New York, right? New Kam Man is a supermarket in the middle of Chinatown – with, of course, Asian groceries. What many people don’t know is that the beauty section of this market is huge, making the place a must stop for anyone who likes Asian cosmetics. There are brands like Hada Labo, DHC, Kracie, Dolly Wink, Shisheido, My Beauty Diary, LuLuLun, and Diane. It is practically a secret – now shared – after all, who would say that a supermarket in the middle of Chinatown would have such a complete beauty department?

Address: 200 Canal Street.


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The Mask Bar – since the sheet masks opened a door for many people to become interested in Korean Beauty, it seems natural that there is a store dedicated only to this kind of product. And this is the proposal of The Mask Bar, a store whose focus is the face masks, especially sheet masks and hydrogel masks. Among the options, there are brands such as Innisfree, Holika Holika, Etude House, Its Skin, Too Cool for School, IOPE, and Dr. Jart. It is also possible to find a small selection of makeup and skincare products.

Address: 259 Bleecker St.


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The SaemThe Saem shows its appreciation of the earth by deriving its ingredients from Mother Nature. The brand carries an extensive range of skin care and makeup lines, unearthing beauty recipes from around the world that have been proven safe and effective over generations. The Cover Perfection Tip Concealer, Eco Soul KISS Button Lips series, and Saemmul Water Candy Tint series are among its bestsellers.

Address: 136-88 Roosevelt Ave (Flushing)


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The Yeon – The Yeon was founded in 2012 and is dedicated to delivering quality products with nature-based ingredients. Lotus, tangerine, honey, and snail extract are some of the key components of the skincare lines. Lotus, for example, has moisturizing and calming properties and is present in the Purifying Lotus line. The Jeju Island Hallabong Tangerine line has extracts from the Jeju Island fruit, rich in vitamins, which provides softness and elasticity to the skin. The highlight is the Jeb Hallabong Energy Cooling Sherbet Cream, with a quick-absorbing moisturizing formula and cute packaging. In New York, The Yeon stores offer, in addition to the products of the brand, other items from Korean brands such as Innisfree, Be the Skin, 3 Concept Eyes, Hanyul.

Address: 79 Mott St.

Japanese stores

Well, since we are talking about K-Beauty, I thought that it would be great to add some Japanese Beauty stores:



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reiwatakiya (Kosumosu) Beauty (37 St Marks Pl) and Ume Cosme (1265 Broadway) are two great options to find Japanese beauty products! They offer everything from body lotion to face masks to fake eyelashes.

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