Winter closet: my best purchases in clothing, shoes and accessories

This is gonna be my fourth winter in New York and I’ve changed my mind so many times and learned so much about how to get dressed properly for winter! I always say that winter here is no joke … of course it is not impossible to survive, but if you don’t know some basic tips and tricks, you will end up having trouble. Almost three years living in the city, I have already bought numerous pieces of clothing, accessories, and shoes. And some of them became my favorites every winter. Today I share with you the pieces that were my best purchases for winter in the city.

Calvin Klein Coat – I’ve spent two winters here wearing only wool-blend coats, which, do not get me wrong, are also great. Last year, I was visiting Macy’s Backstage and checking out the products and prices when I saw this Calvin Klein coat. You see, this is the kind of jacket I always thought that was so ugly. Then I tried it and my husband insisted me to take it, because I didn’t have a heavy coat in my closet. Done. I remember sending a photo to my friends and saying “I know it’s not the most beautiful coat”, but to my surprise, I only got compliments. And it has definitely been the best coat for the freezing temperatures in New York. It is very thick, it is polyester insulated and it is windproof. I never get cold in this coat! I wear it with a thermal top and a sweater and I zip all over for a super-freezing day. If I want to go to the gym (which is 5 minutes from my house), I just put it on top of the gym outfit. It is very practical. I paid about $90. You will find coats like this at discount stores like TJ Maxx, Mashall’s, Burlignton, and Century 21.

Fake Leather Pants, Lulus – I have a story with pants like that. Last winter, I bought some beautiful leather pants from Zara. But they had a low waist and were uncomfortable. I ended up selling it to a friend. Last summer, I went to a Lulus blogger event – e-commerce full of cool clothes – and we could pick a piece. I got those pants, and since it started to be cold, it does not leave my body! First, because it is super comfortable and provide a modern footprint to my outfits. Second, because it protects well from the cold. And if it’s too cold I wear with tights. You can search for Vegan Leather on the Lulus website. But if you prefer a retail store, chains like Zara, H&M, and Forever 21 usually have this type of pants.

Ultra-Light Down Jacket, Uniqlo –  I always thought those jackets were horrible. They reminded trash bags (in fact, the black version looks like it, lol). Then, I went to San Francisco and tried the one from my friend Analuisa – and she told me about how much she used hers. And I love it! It’s warm, it protects from the wind and I started to think it is beautiful, depending on the color, of course. I bought one like Ana’s, a gray one, and I used it a lot, especially during the fall. The cool thing is that it is super light and can be folded in a very compact way that fits in your bag. It costs $ 69.90 on average. Check a guide on how to shop at Uniqlo.

Leather gloves, H&M – when I moved to New York, I had a pair of red wool gloves. Well, they were pretty, but I wanted a pair of black gloves to match with everything. I remember buying this pair on H&M’s website unpretentiously – I got on a sale, for $10. The result? I never bought another pair of gloves.

Winter Ear Muffins – I love hats and caps, I think they are super stylish, and I try to use it when I can. But, there are some days when they are not enough to keep my ears protected. That’s why these ear protectors are perfect. I bought mine from these street vendors and I paid $8. You can also find it in fast-fashion chains and discount stores.

Black pants, Banana Republic – people wear a lot of black clothing in New York – and in winter this is more obvious. I don’t like to wear jeans during the winter, so black pants are my uniform – I just vary the fabric! I bought these Banana Republic pants at a post-Christmas sale in 2014 and paid about $30. It has a sideband that imitates leather and gives a charm and is super comfortable on the body, even with tights. And why was it a good investment? Because the fabric is of great quality. I use, wash, dry, and it still looks good! That counts a lot for me. If it’s a piece I’m going to use a lot, it has to last, right?

Over the knee boots, H&M – I’m fascinated by long boots – and the over the knee styles are my favorites. I think they are so beautiful, powerful – and they help to keep your leg warmer! They make all the difference on a cold day. I was talking if a friend and she told me that she had bought one from H & M. I was all suspicious because these fast fashion shoes tend to be hard and not at all comfortable. But she assured me that it was not the case with these boots. Convinced, I bought mine. I ended up using it with an Aldo insole that leaves the sole softer and that’s it, perfect! I should already be let them go, because they have some damages, but I can not! It is super comfortable and the wedge heel is perfect.

Trench Coat, Betsey Johnson – I’m not a person into luxury brands – but I confess that my only wish is a Burberry trench coat. Maybe one day, right? Until then, we try other brands. I was crazy to find a trench coat for me. I think it’s a timeless piece, charming and versatile! I found this one from Betsey Johnson on a trip Burlington and it fits me perfectly. Trench coats are good for fall and the end of winter when temperatures no longer demand heavy coats. I wear it with a long sleeve top underneath it, and if it is necessary, I’ll add a sweater not too thick. Now I want a black one!

Disco Pants, American Apparel – I saw the girls wearing those disco pants and thought, “It’s not possible. These pants are just too tight, they’re certainly super uncomfortable.” I saw several girls wearing them during the time I studied at FIT and one day, passing by a store I thought, “You know what, I’ll try!” To my surprise, the pants look good and super comfortable! Later in the winter, I discovered the brand’s factory store (which unfortunately closed!) and bought mine for $40 (the price is $80). Love it! It is super thick and I wear it alone or with tights, depending on the day. I combine with a coat or trench coat or even a maxi sweater. I confess: I want more colors!

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