A guide to shop at Uniqlo

Uniqlo is a reference when we talk about how to dress for winter in New York – or any other winter destination. The Japanese brand is the leader when it comes to thermal clothing. And believe me, these items make a lot of difference in your outfit to deal with the freezing weather of the city. The collections – which include women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing – feature a lot of options, so I decided to make this guide to help you understand some of the nomenclatures and find out which one will be useful for you!

Starting with Uniqlo’s most famous line, HeatTech. It’s a thermal line. Its technology helps keep the body warm as it absorbs and retains body heat – see the benefits in the picture above. When you are wearing your winter outfit, thermal underwear is the first layer, which is in direct contact with our skin. Even because this heattech technology absorbs the heat of our body to keep us warm, then it is imperative that it be the first layer. Thus, the collection features items such as shirts – long sleeve, short and sleeveless – and legging. In addition, Uniqlo also has two other special HeatTech lines: HeatTech Extra Warm – which promotes 1.5 more heat retention than the traditional Heattech line – and the Heattech Ultra Warm, with even thicker fabric. Since I came to live here, I only get the classic Heattech line, and it was always enough for me. The prices of long-sleeved shirts vary from $15 to $20 and you can find deals from time to time. To check out the collection, click here (women) and here (men). It is also worth remembering that these items are not available all year round! Generally, they arrive in stores in August / September and stay until February / March. Another thing: these Heattech pieces dry very fast! You do not have to buy one for each day of the trip – you can, for example, wash it in the hotel bathroom and let it dry (as the rooms are heated in the winter, they will dry very fast!).

Another famous collection from Uniqlo is the Ultra Light Down, which has short and long jackets and vests – for men and women. These jackets are great because they have compact sizes (see photo), and are light and warm. Attention: this Ultra Light Down collection is not good for very cold days I think it’s great for the cooler Fall days, to be worn with another shirt. But, the good thing is that it can be worn as innerwear, under a heavier coat! Also, they are windproof, which is great in a city like New York.

In addition to the Ultra Light Down collection, Uniqlo has other coats with this windproof function – you just look for the word Down! The Seamless Down and Strectch Down collections are thicker – and therefore can not be folded like Ultra Light Down. However, these coats, yes, can be the main coat of your winter outfit.

Many people only remember of Uniqlo because of the Heattech line and Down jackets, but the truth is, the brand has collections all year long – and even a special technology for summer, AIRism! This collection features t-shirts and sleeveless tops, for men and women, as well as lingerie. All with a light texture that lets the skin breathe, besides having a cool touch and odor control – which is perfect for those hot days, right?


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  • Whether it’s winter or summer, do not just stick to the Heattech, Down and AIRism collections. Uniqlo goes beyond that: it has a lot of nice clothes for men, women and children. Skirts, dresses, pants, shirts, anyway.

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