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You can go glamping in New York City: everything about NYC Glamping

Where in the world can you camp comfortably in the middle of a city? I don’t know about other places, but in New York City, that’s possible. I always say that what I love most about the city is the number of things to do here – and, in addition, there is the variety and the uniqueness of those things. This becomes a big deal for the frequent traveler and for those who live in the city. Last week, I had the opportunity to spend a night at NYC Glamping, and I thought it was worth writing a post about.

But wait, what is Glamping?

Glamping is a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping. Basically glamorous camping, I would say. A lot of people – and maybe I’m included here, hehe – don’t like the idea of “wild” camping but would like to have a similar experience. Hence the idea of glamping: offering a unique experience but with comfort and more structure.

NYC Glamping

Maybe you’re wondering: okay, but where could a person “camp” in New York and have the least peace of mind? Well, certainly not in Times Square, but there are several places in the city that are very calm and different from the Midtown vibe. And it is in Greenpoint that NYC Glamping found the perfect spot to offer the Glamping experience. The spot in question is on the edge of the East River, very close to the WNYC Transmitter Park, a small park in the neighborhood. The location is privileged – the view is nothing less than the Manhattan skyline (including the One World Trade Center and the Empire State Building) and checks out the requirements you expect from glamping: peace and quiet. Access to glamping is through a kind of parking lot, a very quiet and, let’s say, “remote” place – don’t worry, there are restaurants and cafes within a 10-minute walk.

Now, let’s talk about what matters. There are three types of accommodation:

  • Standard Unit (container) – rustic shipping containers upcycled and converted into comfortable rooms, featuring A/C, shower and bathroom.
  • Tents – experience urban glamping – get comfy in a romantic tent with electricity access, and a charging station.
  • Airstream – an awesome unique airstream to get you cozy and enjoy the comfort of A/C, shower and bathroom inside.

All accommodations have Wi-Fi and a view, as well as towels and heating. Pets are allowed!

Check-in is fully automated. You receive a code to access the door to the glamping area – yes, it is in a private area – and also a code to access your accommodation. The outdoor glamping area has grillers, hammocks, and chairs to sit on.

Our experience at NYC Glamping

This experience has been in my bucket list for a while – after all, it’s something super unique, and it’s just a few subway stops away from home. We got there around 5 pm, and our check-in went smoothly – we followed the instructions sent by email. The container is small, but not tiny – it’s the perfect size for two people – and the window facing the river, overlooking the city, is huge! We found the bed super comfortable and had an excellent night’s sleep; everything was so quiet. It was very special to enjoy the view before going to sleep. The unit had a coffee maker, so we made tea and coffee. Our container also had mugs and glasses. Overall, we loved the experience, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to do something different – especially if you’re a couple looking for different date ideas!

How much is NYC Glamping?

Prices vary depending on the day and type of accommodation:

  • Standard unit – $300 – weekday, $380- weekend
  • Suite (double container) – $420 – weekday, $470- weekend
  • Tents – $199
  • Airstream – $400 weekday, $450 weekend

More glamping?

NYC Glamping is not the only glamping in the city. Collective Retreats is another option, and it’s located on Governors Island. The accommodations pair style and comfort with designer furnishings, ultra-comfortable high-thread count bedding, air conditioning, and gourmet room service. Besides the luxurious accommodations, there are some experiences and activities like yoga, s’mores, and wine tasting. Collective Retreats also offers a gourmet dining experience delivers a contemporary American menu with a focus on wood flame grilling and offers breakfast and multiple dinner options. Both Overnight and non-overnight guests are invited to enjoy the Chef’s Tasting and a la carte menus in addition to an extensive selection of specialty cocktails and wine offerings.

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  • […] NYC Glamping – this company has converted rustic industrial shipping containers into comfortable rooms with air conditioning and heating, Wi-Fi, showers, and bathrooms in each room. They also offer tents for those who want a more “wild” experience. NYC Glamping is located in the heart of Greenpoint, a neighborhood in Brooklyn overlooking the Manhattan skyline. Plus, when you book, you get free entry to the Skyline Drive-In cinema. Learn more! […]


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