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Best spots for pizza in New York City

I have already mentioned several times that I’m an Italian cuisine lover of course, besides the pasta, this love involves pizza! It is funny to remember that when I lived in Brazil I used to eat more pizza than pasta and here in New York it’s the opposite. If we go to an Italian restaurant that has both options on the menu, I will probably not choose pizza. But I love it! Below, I’ll list the places I know and recommend. Yes, I know there are more options, but I preferred to talk about the ones that I know.


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Roberta’s – considered one of the places with the best pizza in New York City, with Michelin stars, approved by Jay-Z, this place is not only city’s classic but also Brooklyn’s classic. The restaurant is located in Bushwick, a super-cool and growing neighborhood in the city. The pizzas cost from $12 and the menu has about 9 options – you can also customize and add more toppings. Roberta’s is open daily for lunch, brunch, and dinner. Be prepared, because the place does not accept reservations – peak times are on weekends. In addition, Roberta’s also features a space at UrbanSpace Vanderbilt, a cool food court located near Grand Central.

Address: 261 Moore St (Brooklyn) / 230 Park Avenue (UrbanSpace Vanderbilt).


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Grimaldi’s – if you have been at Brooklyn Bridge Park you probably you saw Grimaldi’s Pizzeria lines. What I discovered recently is that there is a location also in Coney Island without any lines and more space. Pizza with 8 slices cost on average from $16 to $18 (with cheese, tomato, and basil). You can add some toppings such as pepperoni, spinach and mushrooms for $2 to $4. The pizza is very tasty with a thin crust. I do not think is worth the wait up to 40 minutes in Brooklyn Bridge Park – but as in Coney Island the place is not so crowded, it’s worth trying, right? The restaurant only accepts cash.

Addresses: 1 Front St / 1215 Surf Ave.


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Juliana’s – Juliana’s belongs to the first owner of Grimaldi’s (that’s why Grimaldi’s is so famous, even though it no longer belongs to the guy who has got fame!). It’s among the most famous pizzas in the city – and its giant line do not deny this fact! There are three pizza options: Marguerita, Marinara, and White, which start at $18 and you can add more toppings – starting at $2. There are also six special pizza options (no substitutions) with prices starting at $ 22. Open daily.

Address: 19 Old Fulton St.


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Artichoke Basille’s Pizza –  this pizza is not only delicious but is also one of the most famous in the city. Artichoke Basille’s Pizza serves mega generous slices for $4 to $5. Options include MeatBall, Sicilian, Margherita, pepperoni, and of course Artichoke, which is the most classic of the place – you must try it this one! Delicious, creamy, unique flavor!

Locations: 111 MacDougal St / 114 10th Ave / 328 E 14th St / 22-56 31st Street (Queens) / 59 5th Avenue (Brooklyn) / 148 N 7th St (Brooklyn) / 9102 4th Ave (Brooklyn).


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San Matteo Pizza & Espresso bar –San Matteo Pizza & Espresso bar – recommended by guides like Zagat and Michelin, San Matteo is a very typical place with Italian customers and management. The restaurant is small but cozy, and is always crowded! The menu features pizzas from $11, which are enough for two people. The dough is delicious! I loved the one with cheese, truffles, and prosciutto. Another highlight is the “pizza con Nutella” ($14), warm, with lots of Nutella – do I need to say that it is delicious too? San Matteo also offers traditional appetizers, such as a cheese plate and burrata. Open daily for dinner and also for lunch on weekends.

Addresses: 1739, 2nd Avenue – menu. / 1559 2nd Avenue


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Kesté –  Kesté offers the authentic tradition of the art of Neapolitan pizza making and its owned by world-renowned Maestro Roberto Caporuscio. The many accolades for Kesté include “#1 Pizza in New York” by New York Magazine, “Best Pizza” in the State of NY by Food Network Magazine, amongst the top 25 “Best Pizza Places in the US” by Food and Wine Magazine and 5 of “The Most Authentic Pizzas Outside Italy” (the only one in the US) by Mr Porter. With so many awards, it’s not surprising that they have 3 locations in the city. Kesté Pizza & Vino offers over 70 types of Neapolitan pizzas, all original creations by Mastro Pizzaiolo Roberto Caporuscio, signifying his knowledge of the history, the authentic tradition and the evolution of Neapolitan pizza. In his unique offering, Mastro Caporuscio also added 7 different types of fried pizza and 18 types of gluten-free pizzas. You can check the menus on the website. Prices are also great – pizzas start at $10, on average. And I couldn’t forget to tell you about Nutella Pizza: just try it! Kesté doesn’t take reservations,

Adresses: 271 Bleecker St (West Village, lunch and dinner), 77 Fulton St (Wall Street, lunch and dinner) e 232 N 12th St (Williamsburg, dinner). 


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Adrienne’s – Adrienne’s is located in the heart of the Financial District on a street that claims to be one of New York’s first streets, Stone Street. Over there, the atmosphere is a delight, especially in the summer, because there are a lot of pubs and restaurants together. What makes the place special is the Old Fashioned Pie style pizza, a square pizza ($23), which is enough for 2 to 3 people. Also, there are the traditional round pizzas – from $15 (Quatro formaggi is wonderful!). Open for lunch and dinner.

Address: 54 Stone Street. 


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Prince Street Pizza –  the ultimate pizza slice experience in New York City can’t be complete without a stop at Prince Street Pizza. Yeah, I know, the slice doesn’t look like the ones we are familiar with, but I’m telling you: it is so worth it. No words can describe the dough and they are very generous on toppings. This pizza is unforgettable!

Address:  27 Prince St A.

Did you like these tips? Have you eaten a delicious pizza in New York? Tell us in the comments – but please don’t mention $1 slices lol!

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