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Microcurrent device review: my before & after with Foreo Bear

I’ve already mentioned that I’m obsessed with beauty gadgets, right? Not underestimating procedures with specialists and beauty clinics, but these are usually pricey and I think we have to do our part and keep a consistent skincare routine at home in order to have healthy skin. And besides acids, masks and moisturizers, beauty devices can also be big helpers to achieve that. I’ve already shared my experience using a microcurrent device and today, I’m gonna share my experience using BEAR™ from FOREO.

What is BEAR™?

First, let’s talk about FOREO – it is one of the world-leading brands when it comes to beauty gadgets. The brand’s is from Sweden, and the products are all over the world and adored by professionals and celebrities. FOREO has launched a lot of beauty devices – including LUNA™, the world’s first soft silicone facial cleansing brush – and today I’m gonna talk about BEAR™.

BEAR™ is the world’s first FDA-cleared medical microcurrent device with Anti-Shock SystemTM. In case you are unfamiliar, microcurrent is a low-voltage electrical current to contour and lift skin and muscles. It mirrors your body’s natural electrical currents on a cellular level. Think about it like a facial workout – also, microcurrent is non-invasive. And BEAR™ microcurrent technology works by gently energizing and firming all 69 muscles in your face and neck, providing anti-aging benefits and improving the facial contour. Besides that, BEAR™ ends up giving you smoother and glowing skin due to eliminating toxins and easing facial tension.

Another highlight is the T-Sonic™ pulsations – – the signature massage technology featured in every FOREO skincare device. The ‘T’ in T-Sonic™ stands for transdermal – so named because the gentle pulsations travel through the outer layers of the skin. They channel a low-frequency massage to help relax facial and neck muscle tension points and improve blood flow. They also help to temporarily dilate pores, so that the active ingredients in your skincare can penetrate through the outer layer of the skin without clogging the pores.

BEAR™’s features

  • One-time investment –  BEAR™’ is sustainable. No replacement parts are required. Ever.
  • Long-lasting battery life – USB rechargeable with up to 90 uses per single charge.
  • Hygienic & Waterproof – Made of bacteria-resistant silicone,100% waterproof, easy to clean.
  • Ergonomic & lightweight design – easy to use, easy to carry.
  • Customizable treatments – the device brings an ultra-wide range of 10 microcurrent intensities.
  • FOREO App – the brand’s app offers guided full-facial & targeted treatment routines.

How to use BEAR™

Ok, you read about the benefits and all the amazing things that BEAR™ can do for your skin and you are probably thinking: it probably takes a lot of time and I’m a busy woman. I know! It is common for people to associate beauty gadgets with complicated routines, but that’s not the reality with BEAR™. In fact, that’s something that I really loved about the device – they have different example routines on how you can use your device and it can take as little as 2 minutes per day. Yes, you read it right, 2 minutes per day. Here is a step by step:

  • Register your device on the FOREO app. It is not mandatory, but it is good, because this will also register your warranty and a girl needs to protect her device, right?
  • On your clean and dry skin, apply the SERUM SÉRUM SERUM from FOREO (every device comes with a sample, I will talk about more about this step later) leaving a thin layer on the surface of your skin.
  • Press the universal button to turn the device on. Adjust the microcurrent intensity by quick-pressing the button again, once for each level.
  • Access guided treatments and more options via the FOREO app, follow the instructions and voilà! Lightly press both metallic spheres to your skin & slowly glide the device upwards across your cheekbones & forehead, around your lips, and over your jawline & neck as desired, with light pressure.
  • Shop BEAR™

My experience and my thoughts on using BEAR™

BEAR™ is my second microcurrent device. As someone that is familiar with this technology, I was super excited about the experience with this beauty gadget. So here are my thoughts and impressions on BEAR™:

  • Size –  Everyday devices need to be a no-hassle and compact. BEAR™ checks those boxes. It is super lightweight, and the size is perfect – not too big not too small. The device is ergonomic and fits perfectly the contour of the face. And because it is not heavy, you don’t get tired when doing the routine. Trust me: that is a very important detail when it comes to beauty gadgets because if it is not comfortable to carry and to store, you are not gonna feel motivated to use it every day.
  • They don’t push their products – all microcurrent devices must be used with a conductive serum, and although FOREO offers a version with squalane & hyaluronic acid (the SERUM SÉRUM SERUM), they don’t claim that the product only works with their serum. You can use any water-based serum – like aloe vera lotions, for example.
  • It is really effective – besides being superior to other devices in terms of strength, BEAR™ also delivers current faster than its competitor’s devices, making the treatment quicker. On average, you will spend two minutes instead of 30. This makes a big difference in terms of someone using the device consistently – trust me, even when I feel lazy, I think to myself: it is just two minutes!
  • The app is great – of course, you can open Youtube to get as many tutorials as you want, but chances are you are not gonna do that every time you need to use the device. So the app is really helpful because it not only features effective “workouts” for your face but it also controls the device through Bluetooth – you just have to move the device following the instructions.

My results using BEAR™

I spent around 5 weeks using BEAR™ almost every single day and these are my results:

I was struggling  – and I still am – with some problems on my skin because of an allergy that I’m investigating, and even with all those problems I’m facing, I’m very impressed with the results. For this first test, I’ve used BEAR™ only on my cheekbones and jawline – my smile lines bother me a lot and they definitely have improved since starting using the device. Also, you can notice that the device promoted some lift on my cheeks. This is not a surprise for me – as I mentioned, I’ve already used microcurrent in the past and I know they work. But remember: consistency is the key – everything in our life needs consistency, right? Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, for example, requires a balanced diet and exercise. It is the same with our skin – if you want results and keep the results, you should take care of it every day. I try seeing as a self-care moment and besides that, it is so easy and quick! Try to establish a time of the day to use BEAR™  every day – in my case, I do it at night, after dinner, before bed, and when I’m watching TV with my husband. Easy and convenient!

  • As a reminder: this post contains affiliate links – it costs you nothing extra to buy through them and you support my work.
  • This post was sponsored by FOREO – all the opinions are mine. I only accepted to write about it because I really loved the device.


  • Oma
    November 22, 2022 at 11:03 am

    I appreciate your careful review and effort to take images under the same conditions. Unfortunately, jI dont see a difference between the 2, except possibly on the left side nasolabial. But, this is countered by the right side fold looking more pronounced in the after photo than the before.

    And I do wish I could find a review with a person between the ages of 65 and 80. It offers no help to me to see a review on an unwrinkled face. But, thank you for the effort.

    • Laura
      November 22, 2022 at 3:11 pm

      No problem Oma, it’s hard to take pictures, I tried my best, but remember these are pictures with 5 weeks of use. I already used microcurrent devices in the past (there’s another post on my blog) and I think they work. But you should definitely check more reviews until you feel convinced, no problem with that 🙂


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