Everything you need to know about the FOREO Luna 4 – my impressions

I’ve already mentioned here on the blog that I’m a big fan of beauty gadgets – I’m skincare addicted, and, besides serums, masks, and treatments, I just love the help of a beauty gadget to have a spa day at home every day. And the cleansing brushes were probably the first gadget available to be used at home. I had the opportunity to try some of them – but I was always curious about Luna, FOREO’s cleaning device. The brand just released Luna 4, a new version, and you can imagine how excited I got when I received the product.

What is Luna™?

Luna is a facial cleansing & firming device that is clinically proven to remove 99% of dirt, oil, and makeup residue – by the way, did you know that you know that your skin accumulates over 4 kilos of dirt and dead skin cells in a year? Yep, I was shocked too. Luna provides a tailored cleanse, based on skin type and problem areas. But there’s more: Luna also firms the skin, since it is possible to use the device to massage specific areas of the face and neck.

Luna™ 4’s features

  • T-SonicTM pulsations – there are 16 adjustable T-SonicTM  pulsation intensities to remove impurities trapped deep within pores.
  • Velvety-soft silicone touchpoints  – 35x more hygienic than brushes with nylon bristles.
  • 3 brush types – for balanced, sensitive or combination skin.
  • Tailored experience – you can use Luna’s Gentle, Regular & Deep cleanse modes – for different areas of the face & neck.
  • Firming massages – besides cleansing, you can use Luna’s guided firming massages that help reduce fine lines & sagging, relax facial & neck muscle tension points, and improve lymphatic drainage – targeting visible signs of aging.
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How to use Luna™ 4

It is super easy to use Luna™ 4. I swear you need less than 3 minutes, and it feels great. Let’s face it: we all clean our faces every day, right, so using a cleansing device is not like a whole new habit; you will be simply improving a habit you already have.

  • First, apply cleanser – dampen your face and apply your regular face cleanser.
  • Turn the device on – that’s simple: just press the universal button.
  • Action! Choose your preferred cleansing mode and voilà: glide the front of the device in circular motions around your face and neck. Rinse face/neck and device.
  • Massage/Firm: you can also use Luna to uplevel your skincare game: turn on the device & double press the universal button to activate the firming massage, or select your preferred firming massage routine in the FOREO app.
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My experience using Luna™ 4

Luna™ 4 is my second cleansing device – I had one from Clarisonic before. As someone familiar with this kind of product, I was super excited and curious about the experience with this beauty gadget. It would be different from my previous experiences? Aren’t cleansing devices gadgets all the same? So here are my thoughts and impressions on Luna™ 4:

  • Size – my previous experience with a cleansing device was with one from Clarisonic – a brand that doesn’t exist anymore – and honestly, Luna™ 4 is so much better, and the first reason is its size. It’s just perfect. It’s compact and lightweight. It fits perfectly in my hands which makes the cleansing process easier.
  • Super gentle – it’s my first time using a silicone brush, and it’s so gentle – way gentler than nylon brushes. And I had the wrong idea, I don’t know why I thought it wouldn’t be gentle – but it’s the opposite.
  • More hygienic – after suffering from allergies and dermatitis, I’m more aware of the products I choose and the silicone brush is way better. Easy to clean – honestly, if you think about it, the nylon brushes are kind of disgusting.
  • Silent and fast – I spend like 2 minutes cleaning my face. There’s no way I can’t find excuses not to use it.
  • Long battery life –  I love that Luna™ 4 is USB rechargeable with up to 600 uses per single charge.

My final thoughts on Luna™ 4

I’m obsessed with Luna™ 4. As I mentioned, I went through a long period of fighting allergies and dermatitis, and my skin was miserable. I’ve been using Luna™ 4 for more than two weeks and noticed an improvement in my skin tone. You can actually notice that the skin is brighter and looks radiant after using the device. It’s a gentle exfoliation – and when I say gentle, it is really gentle – I have a combination and sensitive skin and I love the results. Definitely not going back to other cleansing devices after trying this one.

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  • As a reminder: this post contains affiliate links – it costs you nothing extra to buy through them and you support my work.
  • This post was sponsored by FOREO – all the opinions are mine. I only accepted to write about it because I really loved the device.

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