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7 winter hacks to keep you warm and stylish in NYC

After living in New York City for so many years (8 and counting!), I’ve been learning a lot from my mistakes over all the winters I spent here. I figured that being warm is more important than being pretty, lol, but after a while, I’m glad I’ve learned a lot about layering and how to choose the items I wear. Turns out that, sometimes, it is possible to be stylish and warm. And here are some hacks and tips that may be helpful!

1. Fake translucent tights with fleece– I’ve always used thermal tights from Uniqlo, but the warmer tights are also the darker ones. Then, I discovered these ones, that look like see-through tights but they are lined with fleece and create this illusion that they are transparent. So cool – plus they are super warm! You can check it here – mine is the one size and there are more colors. 

2. Beanie with fleece lining – I love beanies! I have some, all in different colors, and I think they are great accessories for a winter outfit. Besides protecting your head, which is super important during cold days, they also add some personality Plus, it can be tricky to wear beanies if is very windy. That’s why I recommend having a beanie with fleece lining, because it keeps you warm and protects your head from the wind. You can check it here.

3. Using a light insulated jacket as a second layer – if you know the basics about a good winter outfit, you know that you need the first layer (a thermal top), the second layer (cashmere, wool, or fleece), and then an insulated coat. But there is one hack that I love which is using those lightly insulated jackets – like the ones from Uniqlo – as your second layer when you are wearing a wool coat. The jacket helps a lot to keep you warm!

4. Merino wool socks – these are more expensive than regular socks, but I think they are worth it, especially if you live in a city like NYC or if you travel frequently to cold destinations. They are warmer than regular socks – and they are perfect to wear with your winter/snow boots. I love the ones from Bombas.

5. Hand & Foot Warmers – these accessories are so useful. You will find versions for hands and feet and they release heat in the process when in contact with air – and they are good for up to 10 hours! The hand ones are great to keep inside your pocket and the foot ones can be used inside your shoes. BONUS: you can actually buy a rechargeable version!

6. Reusing a summer dress as a skirt – I got so happy when I realized that I could use some of my summer dresses on my winter outfits. Just put a thermal top and add a sweater and voilà! Your dress is now a winter skirt.

7. Crop top band – I’m obsessed with this – I hate when my sweater is too long for some outfit – and too chunky to tuck into pants or skirts. This band is a game-changer! Shop here!

  • Check all these tips on the video below:

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