How to take a COVID-19 test online – eMed test review

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we live and the way we travel. We not only need to check masks policies of the destinations we are going to, but we also have to pay attention to vaccine requirements, fill out some forms, and, for a lot of places, we need to provide a negative test. I don’t know about you, but getting a Covid test for traveling is something that makes me really anxious. I traveled to Brazil in December and although New York City had a lot of Covid test locations, we saw a huge increase in demand because of the Omicron variant and the lines were huge – plus, the results were getting delayed. Also, for my flight back to New York City, I was also worried about where to get a test in Brazil. That’s when I heard about eMed’s COVID-19 at-home test and I had no doubt that it was the best solution in terms of Covid-19 tests for travel purposes.

eMed’s COVID-19 at-home test

If you’ve already taken a test at home, you know how it works. The kits usually contain a test card, a nasal swab, and a reagent bottle plus instructions on how to use it. But the thing about the self-tests is that they are for personal use – meaning for you to know if you have Covid or not. You can’t actually present the test card as a proof of negative test. That’s how eMed has changed the game. eMed at-home testing solution includes live testing support from eMed Certified Guides, ensuring better sample collection and improved confidence in results. After your test, you’ll receive instant digital health results directly to your smartphone. If your test results are negative, your digital health results will include a QR code and you can simply share your results and follow protocols to travel or to return to school, work, and public activities.

eMed is different from the other at-home tests because you take the test with a certified guide through a video call. And, in the end, you will receive a lab report via email, which is accepted by CDC for international travel.

How the test works

  • Once you have your eMed test, you can log onto to start testing at any time
  • eMed is online 24/7, no appointment needed, providing results in 15 minutes to your email.
  • eMed lab report can be used for travel or treatment.

What you need to know about eMed’s COVID-19 at-home test

  • eMed meets the self-test conditions of the Order for proof of negative COVID-19 test by the CDC and is accepted by our partners United Airlines, American Airlines and Delta Air Lines for entry into the U.S. and cruises lines;
  • eMed has been authorized by FDA under an EUA;
  • eMed is an antigen test;
  • The testing platform is available in English and Spanish with English-speaking and Spanish-speaking Certified Guides who virtually guide users through the administration of the test;
  • eMed at-home tests require no additional equipment – you will only need a smartphone connected to the internet;
  • eMed delivers authenticated results within 15-minutes.
  • Remember: eMed is an antigen test like any other one. There is nothing on the lab report mentioning that is an at-home test.  

You will receive an e-mail with PDF results.

Final thoughts

I had an amazing experience using eMed’s COVID-19 at-home test. No complaints at all. The whole process was smooth, the guides were very helpful and the instructions were very clear. If you’ve already taken a Covid-19 test at home, you have nothing to worry about it – it is just like that, but with the difference that you will take it over a video call. Make sure to have your ID with you, wash your hands and look for a quiet place. Also, remember to position your phone in a way that the guide can see clearly what you are doing – they will ask that. The whole process is probably gonna take less than 30 minutes – it all depends on your ability to follow the steps and the tasks. And by tasks, I mean simple tasks: adding the reagent drops to the cart, getting the nasal swab, and inserting the swab in the cart.

The fact that I don’t need to worry about where to get a test prior my departure makes a huge diference for me. I save a lot of time, cause I don’t have to wait in lines and I also don’t need to worry about the fact that my results will be late. It is everything under my control. Also, because a lot of countries are very rigid about the time requirements (most of the countries accept antigen tests taken 24h before at maximum), it is easier using eMed. Sometimes the time of departure make it tricky to get a test just in time.

My husband and I both used eMed to travel from Brazil to the US and I have a friend – the one that has first told me this test – that already has used it to travel to and from Spain and to and from Brazil. As long as the destination where you are traveling to accepts an antigen test, I think it will be cool to use eMed’s COVID-19 at-home test.

Where to buy?

You can purchase eMed’s COVID-19 at-home test on eMed’s website and it is currently available in 6-pack bundle. They ship to all the US states. Click here to purchase!


This post was sponsored by eMed – all the opinions are mine. I purchased the tests by myself in December and after realizing they were really a good solution for travel, I’ve contacted them to partner with me. 


  • Kanan
    March 27, 2022 at 1:14 pm

    Hi Laura – thanks for all this info! I am considering doing this for travel from MX to the US in a couple months. I’m curious to know about the guided nasal swab process in particular. I’ve had bad experiences with clinics in Mexico, where technicians go up all the way despite my requests and it’s left me with two weeks of side effects. I’m hoping the at-home eMed test can be the shallow nasal swab, which is approved in the US.

    • Laura Peruchi
      March 27, 2022 at 4:27 pm

      I’m glad you liked and thanks for the comment! Yes, you don’t need to go too deep, you will see the instructions. Pretty easy!


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