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The best pronunciation app to speak clear English

It’s amazing how the internet has democratized access to so many things in the world, especially language learning. It has never been so easy to learn English, Spanish, French, Italian… If in the past this was a privilege for those who had the time and money to attend private classes, now there are options for all budgets, from Youtube channels to native teachers, who connect with students around the world through online platforms. Streams like Netflix have also increased the offer of movies and series – great tools to help with language learning too. Besides all that, we also have apps. With an interface that engages the user, the apps are great tools for allowing you to study from anywhere, anytime – everything is, literally, in the palm of your hand. Today, I want to talk about the best app to practice and improve your English pronunciation, Elsa Speak.

Why is important to pay attention to English pronunciation? 

If you are not a native speaker, you know: English is not the kind of language where you pronounce sounds the way they are written – we know the pronunciation is quite different. For successful communication, it is essential that we speak clearly. But I don’t think anyone needs to get into a fight to lose the accent, because it can generate frustration. At the same time, I believe in constant learning when speaking a foreign language. In addition, understanding the pronunciation of sounds in English is important and fundamental given that many of the sounds do not even exist in other languages (maybe it’s the case of your mother tongue).

Finally, practicing, understanding, and learning the sounds of the English language gives us more confidence to face situations in this language, whether while traveling, living in a foreign country, or working in a position that requires fluency in English.

Elsa Speak

And if today there are several apps for language learning, there is also an app focused exclusively on pronunciation. Elsa Speak is a unique English app that identifies your mistakes in pronunciation, fluency, and intonation using artificial intelligence. For anyone looking to learn and improve English fluency, Elsa is the best app – it helps you correct your pronunciation mistakes through accurate and detailed feedback.

I was literally delighted with this app because it also manages to democratize something that, in the English learning world, is not accessible to everyone, which is the focus on pronunciation. Despite all the resources, when you wanna focus on pronunciation you will probably have to spend more money – since to work on specific problems requires a private class and, in general, teachers focused on this aspect are more expensive.

How Elsa Speak works

Elsa Speak is like a gaming app, which makes the learning experience more enjoyable. Words, phrases, expressions: you will have contact with the most diverse sounds of phonetics in English and you are invited to practice repeating what you heard. Through artificial intelligence, the app analyzes your pronunciation and gives you instant feedback, allowing you to identify the exact sound you need to improve. You will also have access to translation, dialogue simulation, and much more!

  • In the video below, you can check out a little bit of how the app works:

Elsa speak numbers

  • + 3  million users around the world;
  • 90% See an improvement in pronunciation
  • 95% Express higher confidence in speaking English
  • 68% Feel they spoke more clearly


Elsa Speak advantages
  • The app’s interface and functioning provide a pleasant learning experience;
  • You can practice from anywhere, also from the comfort of your own home without embarrassment and pressure from other people;
  • Elsa offers over 1,600 classes and 40+ topics for you to practice;
  • The App has classes aimed at business, job interviews, travel, education, day-to-day, etc…
  • The app gives instant and accurate feedback to each phoneme emitted;
  • Free interactive pronunciation dictionary;
  • Gain the confidence to seize opportunities in your life and career;
  • You can set how much time you want to dedicate per day to practice – you can start with 10 minutes/day!


You can try Elsa for 7 days for free – which is great to learn more about the app and then decide if you want to subscribe to one of the plans. The monthly subscription starts at $11,99. However, you have exclusive discounts when you subscribe through the blog’s link. 40% OFF when subscribing to the annual plan or 85% OFF when subscribing to the lifetime plan. Considering all the features the app offers, it’s an excellent price! And even if you already practice English in other ways, Elsa is another tool for your evolution in the language.

This post was sponsored by Elsa – all the opinions are mine.

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