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RiseNY – everything you need to know about NYC’s new museum and ride

A place to fall in love with New York City – again. That’s how I can describe RiseNY – one of the newest city’s attractions. Opened in the beginning of the year, RiseNY is located in the heart of Times Square – yes, I know, I know, tourists love it, locals… not so much. But the good thing is that now you have a reason to go there – besides the Broadway performances. Trust me: it’s so worth it!

What is RiseNY?

I could describe RiseNY as a museum plus an immersive experience. The place is all dedicated to New York City – so there’s no space for haters, lol. Jokes aside, RiseNY is like a love letter to the city, a place where you can learn more about its history and its impact on the world – so hence the museum part. But, opposite to traditional museums, at RiseNY you can actually interact and have fun with the displays – be prepared to take a lot of pictures. Then, in the end, you will fly over the five boroughs on a soaring ride – more on that in a bit.

What to expect

You should reserve 60 to 90 minutes to complete your visit. Your journey at RiseNY starts with a subway ride – it can’t be more New Yorker than that. You will enter a room that resembles a subway car and then you will watch a short film created by award-winning documentarian Ric Burns and James Sanders, narrated by the actor Jeff Goldblum. In this video, you will learn more about NYC’s history, specifically Times Square and its global impact. Expect special effects that feel like reality – you will see it at the end of the ride.

The journey continues through seven galleries – Finance, where you can literally ring the New York Stock Exchange bell; Skyline, where you can check the city’s iconic buildings; TV/Radio, where you will see iconic TV sets and remember famous TV series set in New York City (maybe you will spot your favorite show); Fashion, where you will see a dress worn by Beyonce’s, Music, where you can pretend to be a DJ and see a Cardie B outfit; Broadway, where you can check some costumes from Aladdin, The Lion Kind and other musicals; and Film, where you can remember movies and TV series set in NYC (one of my favorite parts!). Through these galleries, you will see spotlight historic artifacts, star-studded memorabilia and engaging, fun and educational displays, co-curated by beloved cultural institutions.

The last part of the visit is the cherry on top: the ride. Seriously, even if you don’t care about history or fun displays, I would say it is worth checking RiseNY just because of this experience. The soaring ride lifts you 30 feet into the air to fly while suspended inside a 180-degree, 40-foot projection dome featuring 8K aerial footage that creates the sensation of flight over the five boroughs and iconic NYC’s locations in four seasons. But there’s more: expect famous NYC’s songs and real effects – did I mention the – good – smells? Yep.

Seriously, I have taken this ride four times so far, and I never get tired. Honestly, I get emotional every time cause it’s all about the good things involving this fantastic city.

Is RiseNY worth it?

ABSOLUTELY! As I said: the ride is the highlight – and I have brought some family members, and they loved it as well. In their words: it exceeded all their expectations. There’s nothing in the city like that.

Bonus tip: the mural at RiseNY’s entrance is great for photos!

RiseNY Tickets

This post was sponsored by RiseNY – all the opinions are mine. I’ve been there two previous times before the visit featured on this post, and I’ve already recommended the place organically both on my blog and on my Instagram. 

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