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Everything you need to know about period panties

Over the last years, with the environmental issue getting more awareness and a new generation of consumers concerned about the impact of their actions in the world, we have seen more ecological options for the menstrual period. For today’s post, Hannah, a brand that always thinks about ways to help women experience more comfortable and enjoyable menstrual cycles, invited me to talk more about period panties! I’ve already mentioned on my social channels how much I’m a fan of these products and even here on the blog and people always had questions about it, so I think this post will help a lot!

I think it’s great that we’ve been more comfortable talking about subjects that were taboo or almost prohibited in the past. Menstruation is one of those topics. It even seems bizarre to think how talking about it was once considered inappropriate (and still is for some people) since it is something that is part of the routine of many women for most of their lives. If it is something so natural, why can we not talk about it?

In addition to everything that involves menstruation – especially the PMS – we also need to talk about the products used during this period. According to a National Geographic story, most American women will menstruate for about 40 years in total, bleeding for about five days a month, or about 2,400 days over the course of a lifetime—about six and a half years, all told. All that menstrual fluid has to go somewhere. In the US, they end up in a tampon or a pad, and, after brief use, these products usually end up in the trash.

However, this can be a problem, as these items take a lot of plastic in their composition. Tampons come wrapped in plastic, encased in plastic applicators, with plastic strings dangling from one end, and many even include a thin layer of plastic in the absorbent part. Pads generally incorporate even more plastic, from the leak-proof base to the synthetics that soak up fluid to the packaging.

Fortunately, we have seen more sustainable options for products for the menstrual period. One of them is the period panties.

How do period panties work?

I like to think and explain period panties as panties with built-in pads. Every panty has a double fabric area, right? In the case of period panties, this area is reinforced with layers made of fabrics with absorbent technology, which keep you dry, safe, and comfortable.

layers period panties

Hannah’s panties have four layers that ensure absorption for more intense flow (up to 55 ml) and two layers for light flow (up to 25 ml):

Top sheet & absorbent layers:

✓ Made with OCS100 Certified organic cotton.
✓ Certified organic cotton is toxin-free (no dioxin, formaldehyde, pesticides, and herbicides), fragrance-free,
unbleached, and undyed.

Internal layers

✓ Excellent elasticity : Polyester 92%/ Spandex 8%
✓ Leak-Proof : Cotton + TPU

how period panties work layers

My experience with period panties

I don’t remember exactly when I first learned about period panties, but as I know it happens with a lot of people, I also had my doubts about it.

“Do they really work?”
“But is it safe?”

Then, a friend of mine told me she was using it and loving it. Since I trust her recommendations a lot, I decided to give it a try. I started buying one to test and it was love at first use. After I saw that they worked, I started buying more until I had enough for my cycle. I know at first they look more expensive, but remember that they last much longer than the pads you have to buy every month!

How period panties work

I’ve never had a leak issue and I wear period panties the way I used to wear pads – and, to be quite honest, I feel more “dry” and more comfortable than I do with a pad. The panties are always in place and are much more comfortable. Not to mention that Hannah offers panties in different styles and for different flows. I’ve always bought high-flow panties to feel safer, but now that I’m more familiar with them and know my flow, I might as well add moderate flow ones as well.

Another thing I love is not having to worry about buying tampons or pads every month – and if I need to go out, Hannah’s panties come in reusable little bags that fit inside my purse. Super convenient!

period panties

Hannah’s panties and pads come with small bags, convenient when going to work, gym, or traveling.

How to take care of period panties?

I like to wash it in the shower to remove the excess and then I put it in the washer machine with soap. It is not recommended to put in the dryer and, to be honest, they dry super fast naturally.

Hannah’s period panties

Hannah offers 6 different types of period panties, available in two colors, black & beige. Each pant is designed for a specific flow, as you can check on the chart below:

For me, one of the best things about Hanna’s period panties is, of course, the variety of shapes and colors, but also the extra protection on the back, that I’ve never seen on any of other competitors. I also love the fact that some options are really high-waist, which, for me, provides more comfort and confidence!

It is good to highlight that Hannah also has:

  • Hannah Pad – washable, sustainable, & eco-friendly cloth pads made of certified organic cotton;
  • Hannah All Cotton -Pesticides, herbicides, and toxin free pads made of certified organic cotton;
  • Hannah Cup – 100% Medical Grade Soft Silicone, FDA Registered, Non- Toxic, BPA Free;

So, what do you think about period panties now that you’ve learned a lot about them? There are so many sustainable ways to be protected when you get your period – and Hannah get you covered on that! Make sure to check the website! Use the code “laura” for an extra 5% discount on top of their BOGO FREE sale that is currently going on. 
The code is valid till September 25th.

This post was sponsored by Hannah. All the opinions are mine.

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