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7 places in New York City for chocolate lovers

Who does not like chocolate? Ok, we can not generalize, there is probably a soul out there who does not like this delight, but whatever. The truth is that chocolate is a sweet part of our lives and it is part of so many recipes that it’s hard to resist! And if you are a chocoholic like me, here in New York City there are several places that you should check out to try a different chocolate, drinking a hot chocolate or buy something to take home. Today, I present to you 7 places in the city for chocoholics.


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Maybe it’s an obvious place – and I know it is a chain – but we can’t talk about chocolate without talk about Max Brenner! The chocolatier is famous here in the city and you can grab a super creamy hot chocolate  (I recommend the spicy version) with a slice of chocolate pizza and sit at Union Square Park and enjoy the moment. But if you’ve got time, you can sit (better make a reservation) and indulge with the dishes of the place. There are several plates of chocolate options: choctails, milkshakes, crepes, founde.. Before leaving the place (or at the time you arrive), be sure to check the Chocolate Shop. The name speaks for itself, but there are several options for gifts or for yourself.

Address: 841, Broadway.


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Founded by Maribel Lieberman in 2000, MarieBelle it is a brand of handmade chocolates, whose factory is in Brooklyn. MarieBelle has a store in SoHo, which opened in 2001 and the address in Brooklyn is super new and was opened last year. In addition to the chocolates in beautiful packaging with vintage design, the place serves coffee, ice cream, hot chocolate, hot frozen chocolate, truffles … You can either buy something to take home or enjoy at the place, in the small room located in the back, super charming and reserved – with free WiFi. The dark hot chocolate, which is strong and creamy, is delicious.

Address: 67 Guernsey St (Greenpoint) – 484 Broome St (SoHo).  Click here to check out a post with things to do in Greepoint.


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Fondly referred to as Mr. Chocolate, Jacques Torres is the authority on all things related to this delight.  Through his early years as a pastry chef, Jacques developed a deep affinity and passion for chocolate.  Raised in France, Jacques fulfilled his American dream in 2000 with the opening of his first chocolate factory, Jacques Torres Chocolate in Brooklyn. Jacques prides himself on specializing in fresh, hand-crafted chocolates using premium ingredients free of preservatives and artificial flavors. With several locations in New York, the stores are perfect to try a delicious hot chocolate and assorted chocolates and also to get ice cream. During the summer, try the hot frozen chocolate, that mixes chocolate and coffee.

Addresses: 66 Water Street (Brooklyn) / 350 Hudson Street / 285 Amsterdam Avenue / 30 Rockefeller Plaza / 110 East 57th Street / 1186 3rd Avenue / 327 Lafayette Street / 107 East 42nd Street (Grand Central). 


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Raaka Chocolate – Raaka chocolate makes craft chocolate by hand in Red Hook, with cocoa coming from four regions of the planet: Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Belize and Madagascar. Raaka offers what the brand calls virgin chocolate, which gets its name because of its manufacturing process. The cocoa beans are unroasted to preserve flavors that are often lost in the traditional manufacturing process. The cacao beans have the highest quality and Rakka makes chocolate that showcases their inherently delicious flavors. Cacao beans have unique flavor profiles shaped by climate, soil, elevation, genetics, and harvesting practices. Belize beans have dried fruit notes, while Bolivia beans have earthy and floral notes. When preparing chocolate, these different flavors are preserved. Today, the brand offers eight types of bars, all of them with a cacao percentage over 56% and with ingredients like coconut milk, mint, and sea salt. Each bar is $6 and you can try a bite of each one at the factory. They are delicious! Pink Sea Salt bar is a best seller – and the one that I most enjoyed.

Address: 64 Seabring St. (Red Hook, Brooklyn)

How to get there? The most convenient and fast way to get to Red Hook is by using Water Taxi or NYC Ferry. The boat leaves from Pier 11 and the ticket costs $5.  It is 16 minutes ride – first, Water Taxi stops at Ikea, then it goes to Red Hook Dock at Van Brunt Street. You can check the schedule here.


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If you are looking for a totally different concept in chocolate, then you need to know Royce! This Japanese brand was created in 1983 in Sapporo, the capital city of Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido. With cooler climates and wonderfully natural terrain, it is the ideal location for sourcing the freshest dairy products. Over the years, ROYCE’ has become known for crafting unique chocolate products such as Nama (“fresh”), matcha chocolates and potato chip chocolates that are now availabe in over 14 countries, including the U.S. Nama is one of the most different and delicious chocolates I’ve ever tried because it is fresh, soft, with texture different from all the chocolate we are used to – it is like a mousse, you know? Certainly, you should try it!

Addresses: 509 Madison Ave / 253 Bleecker St / 32 W 40th St. 


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FINE & RAW chocolate – this brand was founded by  Daniel Sklaar, who launched into making small chocolate batches and sharing them with friends. People really liked this product, so, then started delivering them on his bicycle to fine local purveyors. The company grew based on the premise of producing organic, unparalleled quality chocolate and sheer love of the chocolate-making process. As the name suggests, the chocolate is raw, which means not cook, or in chocolatey terms, the cacao is not roasted. Also, they use coconut sugar – specifically chose for its slight hint of caramel that enhances the rich, deep flavors of cacao. Last but not least: the formulas are vegan. Besides the chocolate bars with interesting flavors like cashew butter and vanilla, they also make butter and spreads.



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Godiva – the brand founded in Brussels is famous – there are more than 450 boutique stores operating worldwide. Did you know that they also have Godiva Café locations? Yes! There are some locations in the city, featuring Godiva Mocha, Belgian waffles, chocolate-dipped strawberries, soft serve, Chocolixir, and the famous Croiffle™, which are savory croissants pressed into a waffle iron.

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