10 favorite products for dogs for health, safety and fun

The pet market here in the USA is gigantic and billionaire and I had no doubt about it – especially after watching several seasons of Shark Tank. Last year alone, people spent over 120 billion dollars on products for their pets here in the United States. However, despite knowing this, before having a dog, I’ve never imagined the infinity of products that exist for the health, safety, and fun of these animals. Since we adopted Dalbit, in March – I talked about the whole process in this post here – we’ve been spending a good amount of money on stuff for him and there are some products that we love and were great purchases. So, I decided to write this post to list 10 of these products that are our favorites for health, safety and fun!

1. The Game – Fable – if you have a dog, you know the drill: it is very important to stimulate them in different ways. And, you know, it can be interesting to turn eating time into “hunting” time, that is, giving them a “hard” time at mealtimes not only keeps them busy but also makes them spend more energy. This product is awesome. It’s a great way to help treat anxiety and boredom by providing interactive entertainment for up to thirty minutes. It has a heavy base and a hole in the lid – the dog has to move the product (which doesn’t fall off, due to the weight) so that the food falls out of it. This product can hold up to 1 and a half cups of dog food. Dalbit eats half-frozen food and half Ollie’s baked food (see more details at the end of the post!). So we put the dry food inside the game and he is entertained until he can eat it all. It’s easy to clean and super durable. Click here to buy it!

2. Kong – this is one of the most famous toys among dog owners here in the USA. Available in a variety of sizes, it’s made of strong rubber and it helps satisfy dogs’ instinctual needs while providing mental stimulation. It features two holes and you can fill it with kibble, peanut butter treats… Dalbit keeps himself entertained for a long time trying to hunt for the food we put inside. One thing we do a lot is put pumpkin puree inside the Kong, freeze it, and then give it to him. Like a popsicle, you know? He loves it! Click here to buy it!

3 Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Toy another genius invention – a “puzzle” for dogs. It’s full of little holes and compartments to hide treats and then the dog has to hunt to catch them all. There are several designs and styles, with the most different levels of difficulty. An interesting thing about this particular one is that there are no loose parts – which prevents accidents. Click here to buy it!

4. Pup Tug – another toy that can also hide snacks and treats and the coolest thing is that it has a suction cup that can be affixed to different surfaces, making it almost impossible for the dog to pull it off. Okay, Dalbit managed to detach the string – but nothing that a reinforced knot can’t solve and, besides, every dog is different, right? I loved the concept! You can buy it by clicking hereand there are also other similar models on Amazon!

5. Chuckit! Ultra Ball Dog Toy – we know that all dogs love fetching balls, right? Here in the US, tennis balls are very popular – but I don’t know about your dogs, because Dalbit loves to bite these balls. The result: he ended up destroying one of them and eating some of the ball’s fibers. Also, they would be disgusting and it is not so easy to clean. Then we finally found these ones and they are definitely better! Dalbit couldn’t destroy these ones – and it is super easy and convenient to clean them. Click here to buy it!

6. Dog Car Seat – We recently took our first road trip with Dalbit and discovered the world of pet travel accessories. After some research, we found this car seat, which you attach to the front or back seat and then attach to your dog’s leash. We liked it a lot because Dalbit can be seat or he can also lyes down in the croissant lol position. Another good thing is that it’s easy to clean and it’s also waterproof – let’s say he had a little accident and we had no messes. Click here to buy it!

7. Everyday Carrier – to ride a taxi or Uber here in NYC and even on public transportation (subway or bus), the dogs need to be carried in a “container” and this is the bag we use with Dalbit. In addition to being super strong and convenient, it is also aesthetically beautiful. It has a hook inside to attach to the collar and reinforce security. When we picked Dalbit at the adoption event he was given to us in this bag and then I found out about the brand and its other super cool products! Click here to buy it!

8. Pet Bed – available in different sizes, this bed is super practical and comfortable – Dalbit loves it. It’s easy to carry around and most importantly, I can throw it in the washing machine when it’s dirty and it dries very quickly. Click here to buy it!

9. Springer Dog Travel Water Bottle – going out for long periods of time with your dog requires you to think about his needs – and we quickly found out how inconvenient it was to carry a water bottle plus a bowl to pour water for Dalbit. In addition to having to carry two things, a lot of times he wouldn’t touch the water, so we had to throw the water away. This little bottle is great because it already comes with a bowl attached to the bottle. Just open the lid and squeeze to release the water. Super easy. Click here to buy it!



10. Dog Crate Mat we use this mat inside Dalbit’s crate and we have two of them. In addition to being non-slip and super easy to clean and wash, we also use it in other places, such as when he is lying on the office chair, as a cover, you know? Click here to buy it!

In my post about the adoption, I mentioned that Dalbit was having  Just Food for Dogs.  We are still giving him that food but after two months we also decided to try some dry food so it is easier to feed him when we leave the house with him and he needs to eat or when he travels with us. After some research, we opted for Ollie’s kibble, which is a baked recipe, kibble without the junk. Dalbit eats meat and chicken flavors, we mix a little of each – and we use The Game, mentioned in this post, to feed him the food.

Do you have good recs on products for dogs? Please comment below!

  • As a reminder: this post contains affiliate links – it costs you nothing extra to buy through them and you support my work.

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