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Trapeze class in New York City

I was very excited to share this post for you! Last week, more precisely on Friday, I faced one of the most “radical” experiences of my life: I took a trapeze class. This activity had been on my to-do list for some time, but I never prioritized it. If you have watched Sex and the City you probably remember that in one of the episodes Carrie appears practicing trapeze. The place is the New York Trapeze School, with locations at Pier 40 (Manhattan) and Brooklyn.

I booked my class through the school site, with two days in advance, for a Monday, at the end of the day. As it began to rain before I left my house, I wondered if the lesson would happen. I called and they gave me the option to reschedule. I thought it would be better because since class at Pier 40 is outdoors, I wanted the day to be beautiful. I confess that I was afraid in the previous days, I thought I would give up, you know? Good thing I did not let the discouragement win.

I got there about 20 minutes before class, which was scheduled for 6 pm. You enter Pier 40, walk to the soccer field, and walk up the stairs on the left to the top floor. Needless to say that the fact of the lesson happening on the Pier already makes the experience much more cool right? The view from there is amazing and as the pier is on the west side, the colors of the sunset are so beautiful. Our class had 10 people, 8 of them were beginners. Three instructors led our class. One was at the top of the trapeze and prepares you for the jump, another is on the ground, releasing the commands and another shows what we should do. All the students jump bound to cables.

The first tips are about the position for the jump: we train on the ground and learn what each command means. Each of us jumped about five times. The first time I climbed in I was pretty nervous: although it did not seem so high when you are looking from the bottom – when you get up there it’s quite different and the first jump was enough to break the ice. When the instructor told us we should put our legs up and let hands-off, I freaked out. But when you’re up there, you realize it’s easier than it looks. But every time you go up, the instructor adds another “task.” And it’s cool to challenge yourself with every jump. Our last jump included loosening the trapeze and grabbing the trainer’s arms. It’s scary, right? But the feeling of accomplishment is indescribable.

It feels so good! I would repeat the experience and highly recommend it, both for people who live here and for those who are traveling and look for different things to do in the city! It is recommended to book your lesson online. Prices vary according to class. The one I booked – Flying Trapeze – costs $ 60 (+ $ 10 registration fee). Each lesson lasts two hours. It is worth remembering that the unit of Pier 40 opens from April to October and Brooklyn opens all year. Do not forget to wear gym clothes and socks.

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