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The Magician at The NoMad – incredible magic show in New York

After Sleep No More, an immersive theater experience here in New York – see my post about it here – I was excited to check out other entertainment experiences in NYC beyond Broadway. Don’t get me wrong, I love plays and musicals, but my journalist investigative soul always makes me research about experiences beyond the obvious/classic NYC script. When two friends told me about The Magician at Nomad, I went to research about it and was intrigued. I didn’t know many details but judging that it is a show whose tickets are sold out in seconds and that the two people I know and who have attended also loved it, it was enough to convince me to go. And today I will share a little bit with you!

The Magician is a collaboration between The NoMad with theory11. Dan White is a magician, creator, consultant, and performer. Over the past 20 years, he’s created magic on stage and screen around the world. Dan was featured on the Discovery Channel special The Supernaturalist and White Magic on the Travel Channel. In 2014, Dan served as a creative consultant to Kanye West, collaborating on iconic, magic visuals for the YEEZUS tour. Prior to that, Dan consulted on-site in Las Vegas with legendary illusionist David Copperfield.

We had tickets for Friday, at 7 pm. We arrived at the Nomad a few minutes before 7 and the security guards guided us to the area we should go, near the elevators. There, a girl dressed in white, with a mysterious face, gave three play cards to each of the people and led us up the stairs. After that, we arrived at the venue, checked in – your name goes to a list after you make the purchase, there are no printed tickets – and a member of staff directed us to our seats. The room, with vintage posters, is small and accommodates about 100 people. There is also a small stage. Next to the chairs where we sat, there was popcorn, courtesy of the house, and water. You can order drinks and also some snacks.

The show begins at 7.30 pm and lasts for two hours, with a short break. This is an intimate show, but with a very neat production, which uses not only a set of lights to create an interesting atmosphere but also a soundtrack that captures your attention. From Dan’s entrance on stage at the end of the show, every detail is conceived with a touch of magic, of course. I figured Dan would be super mysterious and serious, but to my grateful surprise, he is so much funny, teasing laughs and spontaneous reactions from the audience. He is articulate, playful, and detailed. The show features many tricks with cards, but also others involving divination, objects that disappear and reappear, levitation, among others. Through all the show, Dan interacts with the audience and also recruits several helpers. Okay, then you may be wondering: okay, it’s more of a normal magic show. It is not. Over the performance, there’s no way you’re not asking yourself: how did he do it? It’s not possible. People’s reactions confirm that – as he reaches the apex of a trick, you hear shouting and agitation because it’s virtually impossible to believe what your eyes are seeing. Dan is a genius – and does everything with mastery and perfection. Worth every cent!

The shows are held on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, at times that vary – there are options at 5:30, 6, 7, and 10:30 pm. Tickets are sold on the website and are released at 10 am (Eastern time). Attention! They usually sold out in less than 10 seconds and are sold only in pairs – $258 a pair. If we compare to the price of a Broadway play, it’s not that different.

Address: 1170 Broadway.

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