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The best cruises and experiences to see New York City from the water

One of the best activities to experience during the summer in New York City is seeing the city from the water – and taking advantage of that to embark on new adventures and try new experiences. The city’s iconic skyline takes on a whole new perspective, and it’s just a delight. Whether you’re on a boat, a ferry, or a kayak, the breathtaking views of Manhattan’s skyscrapers, the Statue of Liberty, and the Brooklyn Bridge are never a waste of time and always an opportunity to have a great time. And summer is the perfect time to do that!

Check out some of my favorite cruises and experiences in the water!

Hot Tub tours from Sea the City

Sea the City, the famous Jet Ski tours company, offers tours on a 40′ boat featuring two bubbling hot tubs. This is the first-of-its-kind hot tub boat in New York City – and, at this moment, Sea the City is the only company to offer it. The hot tub boat carries two, ten-person commercial-grade hot tubs and is bookable by the tub (up to 10 people) or by the boat (up to 20 people). The amenities include a large bathroom and a separate changing room. Also, Sea the City provides coolers, ice, and cups for beer and wine. In addition to the captain, there is the staff is on board to assist guests. Also, the boat has canvas covers to protect the tubs from heavy rain and also from the sun – providing a comfortable and enjoyable ride. The boat departs from the Marina going down the Hudson River providing views of the Manhattan skyline and heads towards, of course, the Statue of Liberty. The tubs are professionally maintained, with chlorinated spas.

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Jet ski tours from Sea the City


“But I’ve never ridden a Jet Ski!”. I neither – most people who do the tour have also never ridden a Jet Ski. The experience is simply unforgettable. It does not compare to anything I’ve ever done here before- and I’ve seen NYC from different ferries and sailing boats – but nothing, absolutely nothing compares to seeing the city from a Jet Ski! I recommend Sea the City. Their staff is amazing.

The Beast

I know that the name – and the design of this boat sound a little corny, but trust me: this ride is so much fun!  This boat zooms down the Hudson at up to 45 mph – it is like riding a huge jet ski! Operated by the world-renowned Circle Line, The Beast is New York’s only jet-powered thrill-ride speedboat attraction! Such a non-convenient way to spot Lady Liberty – plus, the soundtrack is a whole vibe. I totally recommend it doing this with a group of friends.


And… for free! Hudson River and East River have special spaces for this practice during the summer. The experience is fantastic! It is a delight kayaking, and you still have the beautiful view of Manhattan as a bonus. I felt amazed to be there contemplating all that beauty, enjoying a cool breeze, and further reinforced my idea that this city is fantastic.

See some places for free kayaking in New York:

Boat bars & restaurants

There are a lot of bars/restaurants on boats in New York City. I like this type of activity because it brings a “beach” vibe to the middle of the city – and there is nothing better than being outside when the weather permits. Some of these boats are docked, and some of them even sail!

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Cruises are always among my recommendations. Here are the two that I love:

  • Bateaux – lunch/brunch/dinner – if you want a complete experience – including a meal – I highly recommend a Bateaux cruise, either the brunch, lunch or dinner one. The cruise lasts from 2 to 3 hours, and It is Manhattan’s only fully enclosed glass vessel. The view from inside the boat is wide and magical, with a 360-degree view of the iconic city skyline. You will see iconic NYC spots like Empire State Building, One World Trade Center, Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge and the Statue of Liberty – the boat stops in front of it so you can take photos. Learn more about the dinner cruise Learn more about the brunch cruise.
  • Classic Harbor Line – another option is Classic Harbor Line cruises. I really love their cruises because they use luxury and beautiful motor yachts –  and with a lot of stability. Being a relatively small yacht, it is a more intimate and less crowded cruise than tourist cruises, featuring tables by the windows, so you’ll have a privileged view no matter where you sit. In addition to the closed area, with glass windows, there is also an open deck. I recommend the sunset cruises and the jazz cruises. You can book here.

Manhattan by Sail

The cruises from Manhattan by Sail differ from those I recommended on the previous topic because, first, these are all outdoors, meaning the boat doesn’t feature an enclosed area. And secondly, because these are not motorized boats, so it’s a totally different experience. It’s a more relaxed vibe, and you can even may bring your own food. The two boats are super charming and full of history.

I hope you like this post and that you can take advantage of the summer in the city to try these experiences!


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