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Nightlife guide in New York City – Brooklyn edition!

Night clubs and parties in Brooklyn NY

Whoever follows me knows that I am not a night girl. But because I had a lot of requests,  I asked a friend to write a post about nightclubs in New York – which you can check here. Today, to have more recs, Murilo Machado Candido, who lives here and is a blog reader, tells us about the nightlife in Brooklyn. I met Murilo occasionally at an event a few months ago and during our conversation, we had the idea of the post. Hope you like it!

Hi, guys!

My name is Murilo, I am an architect and I had the pleasure of meeting Laura personally at an event a few months ago. While we were talking, she invited me to collaborate with the blog, writing about nightlife beyond the tourist and mainstream route.

Living in New York for a year and a half, I ended up becoming a Brooklynite – a native or not – from Brooklyn, and because I love the local and alternative vibe, my first nightlife options are all around. I noticed that a lot of people end up just exploring just the most famous neighborhoods in the borough,  like Williamsburg and the neighborhoods around Brooklyn Bridge. However, Brooklyn goes further, and, believe me, there are many local gems.

I particularly argue that you don’t have to spend a lot to experience New York. Proof of this: all of the places I’m going to suggest below usually do not charge the admission, or it depends on the event of the night – it’s worth always checking the schedule on the websites or social media of the establishment.

As quoted earlier, in the previous post about nightlife in New York, parties usually start at 10 pm and get more interesting around 11 pm and usually end at 4am. Regarding dress code, the places I’m suggesting rarely require one, except for the parties with a theme. This allows the public to dress comfortably and without the pressure of being fancy and wearing heels or makeup. But it is important to always check the event information and carry an ID document. Remembering that the minimum age here is 21 years.

Please don’t feel bad about the lack of options in Manhattan, since the purpose of this post is “off the beaten track.” The post is about nightlife, but these gems range from bars and restaurants to galleries and museums. Without further ado, let’s get down to business:


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See you tonight ! let’s dance, it’s Saturday Night! With music by @Patafunk

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Pulqueria – Somewhat unusual, this is a Mexican bar located in a lane in the heart of Chinatown (this tip is in Manhattan). It is a mix of restaurant and dance club with Latin music, but also classics from the 80s and 90s – it can vary according to the day of the week. The establishment goes unnoticed during the day because it is underground, a type of Mexican but charming dungeon, which also opens for lunch. With the fall of the night, for those who choose to get through the subway or walking, when approaching the place, the feeling is of being in a Chinese Mafia movie, but do not be scared, it is just an impression… Whenever I go, I use the subway both getting to and from there and never had any problems. However, if you do not feel safe, it is worth using a taxi or Uber.

Address: 11 Doyers St, New York, NY 10013


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•Happy Hour 5pm – 8pm every day •Backyard until 11pm every day •Rum Bar classics, Mezcal, Music until 2am every day

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Lovers Rock – It is a Caribbean-themed bar located in Bed-Stuy, a Brooklyn neighborhood, with live music and great vibes. Drinks are usually cheaper than in Manhattan, and the public is friendly and diverse. You can go with your friends, or venture alone and make new friends. The music is generally Latin-Caribbean – you can expect reggae and similar rhythms. The place has an outdoor patio, open to the public between spring and fall, but only until 11 pm. During the week, it is a quieter place, and on weekends it gets busy, and also more crowded because space is small.

Address: 419 Tompkins Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216

Friends and Lovers – This is a bar/pub in Prospect Heights. It features a bar at the entrance of the establishment, and, in the back, there is an adance floor, which also serves as a stage for alternative artists and stand-up shows. The music usually varies according to the event and day of the week – and the audience is usually local. For those who like to dance or flirt or both, it is a great place to go. Depending on the event, there is a couvert charge – usually from $5 to $10. Check the website and social media of the establishment, which only accepts cash.

Address: 641 Classon Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11238


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The spot. @asavedkid

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Lot 45 – with a chic industrial warehouse atmosphere, the space, located in Bushwick, has been renewed to accommodate local events and parties, and it has lounges and food trucks. Parties usually have free admission until 0h, which can lead to queues. So if the goal is to save money, I recommend going early, around 10 pm, which is the time that the party usually starts. It is one of the funkiest and alternative places in the area, with good infrastructure, and with more space compared to the bars mentioned before. In addition to the ‘cool’ parties, Lot 45 also has other events on the calendar, and the bar and kitchen run from 5 pm Tuesday to Sunday.

Address: 411 Troutman St, Brooklyn, NY 11237


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@burningideaproductions took this lovely picture of the bar looking pretty a few weeks before all this. We featured it on our Kickstarter. Link in bio.

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Jupiter Disco – if you love electronic music like me, I highly recommend Jupiter Disco. It is a bar with spatial vibes and sci-fi retro, quite alternative and almost a “speakeasy” – the entrance is very discreet in an area now dominated by industrial warehouses and graffiti. Some reviews refer to the venue as Star Wars meets Blade Runner. Despite having a spatial theme, the audience of Jupiter can be well-diversified, interesting, and friendly. Parties usually have free admission before 0h, and the couvert is usually $5 – it is important to confirm on the website or on the event page on Facebook. If you don’t find the entrance easily, do not give up, because the place really exists and it’s worth it. In addition to the drinks, the menu features beer + shot combos for $7. Without a dress code, the public usually go in comfortable clothes – I’ve seen people wearing flip flops.

Address: 1237 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237


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THIS WEEK @ House of Yes !!⁣⁠ MON PPPPPPurim (7p)⁠ MON Purim Party (10p)⁠ WED ‍♀️ Dirty Circus (7p)⁠ WED House of Vogue (10p)⁠ WED PERK (10p)⁠ THU Dirty Thurs: Y2K (10p)⁠ FRI House of Noire (7p)⁠ FRI ✨ Glitterbox (10p)⁠ SAT House of Noire (7p)⁠ SAT Black Magick (10p)⁠ ⠀⠀⁠ Check for all event info & tickets!⁠ ⁠ : @kennyrodz⁠ ‍♂️: @blainepetrovia⁠ ⁠ #houseofyes #bestvenueever #aerialistsofig #aerialnation #aeriallove #nycnightlife #nycnightclub #circuseverydamnday #circuslife #circusinspiration #circusarts #aerialhoop #lyra #circusaroundtheworld #aerialarts #aerialduo #ppppppurim #purimparty #houseofvogue #perkparty #dirtythursdayparty #glitterbox #houseofnoire #dirtycircus

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House of Yes – My connection to the House of Yes began on January 1st, 2017, at a welcome party for the new year. It was love at first sight. The “temple” is near Lot 45, Jupiter Disco, a few subway stops from Williamsburg, and only two from my house (lol). The “club” also has a theater, it is a brunch scene on weekends, it has a busy schedule – there is an event almost every day of the week. Burlesque shows, acrobatic performances, theme parties, is a welcoming space that receives everyone with open arms – which makes the public the most varied per square feet of all the places I’ve been in New York. Keep in mind that to absorb all the good energy of the place it is necessary to get rid of any prejudice because there is a possibility to see from unicorns and mythical creatures to topless. Some shows are immersive and the audience also becomes the star of the show. The dress code is totally out of the norm of Manhattan parties. Because it is a place outside the bubble, most parties, which are thematic, require the public to participate with outfits that are in accordance with the theme and the costumes and attitudes that stand out can get free drinks. Use your creativity. Generally, it is possible to enter for free, before 11 pm and you can also buy tickets in advance. The risk of arriving there without an early ticket: you will spend $30 and, depending on how the place is crowded, entry may be possible only at 2 am.

Address: 2 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237



  • ID – the places are very strict with this: without a document, you do not enter.
  • Check the calendar and event information, especially regarding timetables and ticket collection. I recommend downloading the Eventbrite app – especially for the House of Yes – it’s where you get the free ticket until 11 pm and even to make a ticket purchase.
  • Are you not prepared for themed parties? No problem! My tip is to visit some of the thrift stores in the area, where it is possible to find perfect pieces at a great price. I often go to Urban Jungle, Beacon’s Closet, and L Train Vintage.

I hope you liked this post, explore and enjoy yourself as if you live here! Murilo

Murilo, thank you so much for this wonderful post! AMAZING!

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