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Jazz cruise – a perfect way to end your day in in New York City

There are some experiences in New York that make all the difference during your stay here. One of them is to see the city from the water. Since Manhattan is an island full of iconic buildings and stunning bridges, this is a perspective that is worth having. Another cool thing too is to enjoy music, especially jazz, a rhythm that is part of the tradition, the culture of the city. Now, what if we put the two experiences together? Better yet, right? The Evening Jazz Cruise Aboard Manhattan is a Classic Harbor Line cruise that provides this experience. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to try the jazz cruise. As the experience was a delight, I thought it was cool to share with you!

The boat

Evening Jazz Cruise Aboard Manhattan is a 2h cruise, that departs every Sunday and every other Friday,  7pm, from Chelsea Piers – 22th Street. The boat is a motorized yacht, very beautiful, by the way, and very stable. Being a relatively small yacht, it is a more intimate and less crowded tour than the other cruises.  All tables are positioned at the windows so, no matter where you sit, you will have a privileged view. In addition to the enclosed area, with glass windows, there is also the open deck. You can move freely between the two areas and there is also a bathroom, of course.

The cruise

The cruise lasts two hours – the yacht leaves Pier 62, at 22nd Street, heading south, past the west side of Manhattan, through the One World Trade Center, and goes to the eastern side of Manhattan, past points such as Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan Bridge. Then, it goes to the Statue of Liberty, where it stops for a few minutes for everyone to appreciate the view and take that special photo, of course. From there, it returns to the pier.


There is a Live Jazz Trio performance sets throughout the cruise (usually features a lead sax, keyboard and drums). On this cruise you may hear anything from classic jazz standards by Gershwin, Cole Porter and Duke Ellington, to new renditions of Motown songs, R&B grooves and hits from today!


This cruise runs from April to November, usually on Sundays and also on some Fridays.

Price: $72 per person. Includes a complimentary beer, wine, or champagne from the bar.

Considering what is included in the package and the duration of the tour, I think it’s a great price for the experience itself! Depending on the season you take the tour – summer, for example, this time will contemplate the end of the day, with the sunset and the city lights coming on. It is simply magical! Also, the groups are small and get less crowded. We love the experience. It is a very quiet ride, that you can enjoy a lot, without that fear of missing out, and without having to share space with dozens of people. The music is great and the time the tour takes place is at least poetic. My mother loved it too! I think it is very great to enjoy all the beauty that New York has to offer!

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