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Everything about the immersive Friends Experience in NYC

The FRIENDS™ Experience has finally opened its first flagship location in New York City. After so many years of the series launching and some pop-up experiences, I think we can all agree that the city should host something like this – and permanently! Yes, The Friends Experience is here to stay – Created by Warner Bros. and Superfly X, it’s designed to immerse fans in the universe of iconic TV series like never before. I must say: I’m not a Friends fan – I’ve only watched the first season, but I know that the series has a huge fan community. And although it wasn’t originally shot in NYC, the plot is set here, so, I think is very symbolic having a place like this in the city.

I had the opportunity to visit the place before the official opening and now I’m gonna show you all the details and everything you need to know!

The Friends Experience is an interactive celebration of the iconic TV show. With set recreations, original props and costumes, photo ops, a retail store, and Central Perk, it’s the biggest celebration of FRIENDS™ yet. Before the experience, you watch an intro video and when it is over, a door opens revealing the iconic opening credits with the fountain and the coach. Like I said: I’m not a fan, but even for me it was really cool, so I can only imagine how the fans will freak out with this first room!

I know that the set recreations are very exciting but there is more than iconic scenarios and photo opportunities at Friends Experience. You can explore exciting details of the behind the scenes process, from Central Perk artwork to the characters fashion sketches plus original costumes and much more. The experience is not only visual but also involves sounds: through the rooms, you will listen to iconic dialogues and quotes (oh my gawd! Pivot!).

You will have so many photo opportunities, like the famous purple door, the turkey head and Joey’s layers of Chandler’s clothes.

Besides that, the experience offers quizzes to check your knowledge about the series and a lot of fun facts. I absolutely love how they feature the dating scene using the “NYC subway map”. So creative!

Ok, now the best part: the set recreations! You can visit Monica’s apartment – it is so huge for NYC standards, lol – and even try the poking device to poke the ugly naked guy who lives across the street to check whether he is alive or not. The details impressed me: so many objects in the kitchen! You can also see the exterior of the apartment – the doors and the stairs and it looks so real. Chandler and Joey apartment is also really nice – and guess what: you will hear the baby chick and duck that have fallen into the foosball table, lol. Las Vegas wedding chapel where Ross & Rachel tied the knot is also included in the experience.

Last but not least: Central Perk, of course! Probably the most popular set recreation, the space is the last room you will visit – just in time to treat yourself with a coffee and character-inspired treats.

More information:

  • The Friends Experience features a total of 18 rooms – prepare to spend at least 80 minutes there!
  • The Friends Experience remains “Monica Clean” and is taking measures throughout the space to ensure a safe environment for its staff and guests. Safety protocols and procedures at the Experience include but are not limited to social distancing, requiring masks, non-invasive temperature checks, and thorough cleaning and sanitization measures;
  • If you buy a ticket for the experience, you will get a QR code at the time you arrive. You will use this QR code to have your photo taken (for free!) and you will receive the pictures in your e-mail;
  • Central Perk is open daily starting at 7 AM – 1 PM to the public, stop by to grab your coffee and character-inspired treats – that means you can visit the coffee shop without a ticket;
  • There is a souvenir and licensed products store too – you can stop by wherever you want to shop Friends stuff;
  • Check operating hours for the experience here;
  • Grab your tickets online – they start at $45.

The Friends Experience – 130 East 23rd Street, at the corner of Lexington Avenue, in the Gramercy neighborhood of Manhattan.

Did you like this post? Are you excited to visit The Friends Experience?

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