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Where to leave your luggage in New York City?

Whether it’s a long connection, a flight departing way after check-out or a quick trip during your trip, for which you do not need all the luggage, it does not matter: I always see people asking where to secure the luggage in New York City. So, this subject now got a post here on the blog with some tips about this service.

At the airport – let’s start at the beginning – let’s assume your visit to New York is a quick connection. Trust me: you don’t want to explore the city carrying your luggage – and it is not practical to use the subway to Manhattan carrying everything to use a locker in the city. So, if you need storage for your luggage, please note that there is this service at JFK – Terminal 1, Terminal 4 and Terminal 8, on the arrivals floor. Depending on the size of your bag, luggage storage fees range from $ 4- $ 16 per day.

LaGuardia and Newark airports don’t have this service.

Hotel – if you will be staying at a hotel and will arrive earlier than the check-in time, the most practical way is to ask the hotel itself if they keep your bags for you. Spoiler: The absolute majority of hotels do this kindness – some do not even charge for it. The same goes for the checkout. If your flight is well past the check out time, it’s worth the same tip. Leaving the hotel is a practical, inexpensive and stress-free option to secure your stuff.

Lockers – well, let’s say you’ll stay in a room or apartment and you’ll arrive before check-in time, or you’ll stay at your friend’s or relative’s house, who will not be home to meet you when you arrive. Or let’s say you’re going to take a quick two-day trip to a neighboring town and take a small suitcase. Well, there are several circumstances that may make you need a different place to leave your bags. And here are some suggestions:

  • Radical Storage – luggage storage network. There are several cities in the world, including New York. You do a search by informing the dates and times and it shows the places available. The price is $6 per day, per bag. The reservation is made online.
  • Vertoe – follows the same Bagnb’s idea, and the prices are between $ 5.95 and $ 6.95 per day, per bag and the reservation is made online. Payment in cash is only accepted in some places.

If you don’t find a place near you through these website, you can still try the Stasher, Luggage Hero, nannybag or knockknock city. All these services work the same way and have similar prices. Do not forget to read reviews to feel more secure!

Tip: when storing your bags, keep documents, money and credit cards with you.

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