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Everything you need to know about Sample Sales in New York City

It is a fact: a lot of people that visit New York City do some shopping. And if we are talking about foreign tourists, they especially love an outlet. The most famous are the Jersey Gardens and Woodbury. Many people are surprised to discover that outlets are not a place that most New Yorkers go. But, after all, living here you end up having access to a lot of stores and discover new places every day. And when it comes to bargain, New Yorkers prefer another strategy: shop at Sample Sales. And what are Sample Sales? How to take the best advantage of these sales events? I decided to write this post to give you some basic tips and guidelines on this practice that is common here in New York.

First, let’s make it clear for those who have never heard of that. Sample Sales are selling events with far more affordable rates than those charged in the “sales” of traditional shops here. In Sample Sales, brands literally want to get rid of their products. Like clothing from last season, samples, products that are not gonna be on the market again. It doesn’t happen in a “normal” store – the brand that is promoting the event and liquidating their products usually do this in a special room, during a limited time – can be 1-2 days until 5 or 6 days. As you can imagine, good prices and good brands generate impact and demand. Therefore, yep, lines!

What I gonna find in a Sample Sale?

Sample Sales are related to the fashion industry. It is more common to find sales of clothing and accessories brands.  Bridal Sample Sales are also quite popular in New York City.

How can I know about the scheduled Sample Sales?

It takes planning and research. Check out the ShopDrop app and also Chicmi website. I also like to check 260 Sample Sale website, since they are probably the biggest sample sale organizer in the city.

Here are some tips on how to shop a sample sale:

  • Arrive early – after checking dates and times, it’s time to get organized. The sooner you arrive at the place, the greater are the chances of finding cool stuff. Some Sample Sales make replacement during the days of operation, but this is not a rule. So arrive early.
  • Be comfortable – wear comfortable shoes and don’t’ carry a bag full of things. Also, keep in mind that, sometimes, there are no dressing rooms: so wear leggings and tank tops – it will help you when you try on clothes in the middle of the room. Use shoes that are easy to be removed as well.
  • Be patient – remember the rule from the traditional sales: you need to be patient to find cool stuff. Do not assume that box full of items will not have anything that interests you. You have to dig!
  • Never trust the price tag – always, always ask a salesperson for the most accurate price.
  • Stay tuned to the payment methods – sometimes, Sample Sale are cashless.
  • Be rational, always – before heading out buying everything just because it is cheap, think about it. Something you will forget the item on your closet and it is money thrown away.
  • No exchange – a lot of Sample Sales don’t allow returns or exchanges. So, make sure you are getting the correct item making a purchase.
  • Circle back on the last day – prices usually drop a lot on the last day.

What are the advantages of buying in a Sample Sale?

Savings, savings, savings! Discounts are much more generous and can reach up to 80% off compared to retail. In addition, Sample Sales are unique opportunities to buy pieces from famous brands for much more affordable prices. Maybe you never could buy a piece from Armani, but a Sample Sale discount can offer a good deal and you take home a quality item.

Did you like these tips? Anyone who has been in a Sample Sale? 

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