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Pasta tasting in New York City: our experience at Lupa

I can’t deny that one of my favorite things in New York is … eating! I’m not very picky about food and I love to know new cuisines. And you know that in New York City the variety of restaurants is absurd! In addition to exploring new kitchens, we love visiting places that provide differentiated experiences. I was very curious when I found out about Lupa on social media.

What caught our attention about Lupa – and made us go there – was the Pasta Tasting Menu, with five types of pasta. We also got the wine pairing, which consists of a wine harmonized with each of the pasta. I confess I was apprehensive about the size of the portions – a tasting menu always features small portions, but that was not the case. Each dish came in great portions, neither too small nor exaggerated. Before dinner, they also serve bread and butter, as a courtesy of the house.

Now, speaking of the pasta. All of them are fresh and homemade, made in the restaurant itself. The first was Tonnarelli Cacio and Pepe, which is basically pasta with black pepper and cheese. I like to add pepper in the food and I thought that pasta was not too spicy. Cacio and Pepe is a classic, you know! The second was another classic: Spaghetti Alla Carbonara, with eggs and guanciale (Italian bacon). The third was our favorite of the night: Saltimbocca Ravioli, with ravioli stuffed with veal, and crunchy bits of prosciutto, which adds an irresistible flavor. Then, we had Pajata Finta with tomato, guanciale, ricotta and tripe. Yeah. The last dish was the Bucatini All’Amatriciana, also with guanciale, and lots of tomatoes! At this point, we were already so satisfied that we could not even finish it. And then, dessert: sorbet! I just wish we could choose the flavor – our was tangerine (not one of my favorite fruits, so…). I also need to talk about Wine Pairing. For each of the pasta, the waiter served a different wine. The first two were white wines and the following were red wines (one of them was a Pinot Noir). As we love good wine, it was a delight to taste so many different wines – there was even a wine dessert.

And the prices? Well, the pasta tasting menu costs $49.90 per person and Wine Pairing also costs $49.90 as well. There is another tasting menu, the Chef’s Roman Tasting Menu, which has other options besides pasta, but we chatted with the waiter, and even he suggested the Pasta Tasting Menu. We did not regret it: we ate very well (too much lol) and it was incredibly delicious. If you do not want the tasting menu, the restaurant also has several choices of dishes with pasta priced from $13 besides a variety of dishes with chicken, beef, fish, and pork, starting at $23. I confess I thought the prices of the dishes would be more expensive, but they are very reasonable! The bottles of wine cost from $35 – I do not know if the place offers wine by the glass, I believe so, but I could not find prices. You can check out the full menu here.

I loved our experience at the Lupa and would certainly repeat … I was curious to taste the other pasta options! I think it’s a great restaurant choice for a romantic dinner or to celebrate some special occasion. Remember that Lupa also opens for lunch! And I highly recommend making a reservation – also through the website: we booked a week in advance and even then we only got a spot for 10pm.

Address: 170 Thompson Street.

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