New York City is not dead

I’ve been reading a lot of articles about NYC being dead. I’m aware that the city is not the same right now – but let’s be honest: what happened here also happened in other places in the world. All the pain and losses that this city went through were not exclusive. We all know: lots of countries are facing terrible consequences, and yeah, it may take a while for everything to get back on track. But it doesn’t mean that this city is dead. Yeah, maybe this pandemic will change some scenarios. Perhaps some businesses will have to change some strategies. But what makes New York City special is the energy. The energy that makes you feel invincible. The feeling you have on not giving up on your dreams even when the city is punching you in the face. The unique connection that you have with millions of people that are here for the same reason.

No, New York City is not dead. It may be not the same, but come on, you know that it can take a while when you are healing. But it doesn’t mean death. The city lives. Yes, I can’t wait to see every engine of this place working again. Many things that are shut down right now are also part of the soul of the city. But they are not the only things that make this place alive.

New York City is alive. It lives through simple things, like the children chasing the ducks at Central Park. Or the nostalgic (sometimes annoying, I know) music from the ice cream truck. It lives through subway cars and buses that are still running. It lives through the breathtaking sunsets that we see almost every day. It lives through the sun rising and lightening the Brooklyn Bridge in the morning. It lives through the Halal carts, and the fruit stands at the corners. It lives through the noises and through the dozens of languages that are spoken here. It lives through the brownstones, through cute doors, through street arts, through the musician in the streets, the squirrels in the parks. The city still lives through messages, pictures, videos, thoughts, and quotes. New York City lives in our memories from the past and in our hopes for the future. 

But most of all, New York City lives because of the people. Yeah, some people had to leave. Some other people choose to go. And some people decide to stay. And while we are here, New York City will always be alive. 

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