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Hunter’s Point South’s new park expansion – Long Island City

Over the two or three years,  tourists are discovering Long Island City. This Queens neighborhood is just one subway stop away from Manhattan and has been the choice of many travelers, since the hotels are usually cheaper and offer conveniences, such as larger rooms and even breakfast. But, Long Island City is not just a place for these hotels – and the luxurious condos being built there. As I always speak here on the blog, New York City has a lot to offer outside of Manhattan. And it’s in Long Island City that’s is located Hunters Point, one of the parks with a beautiful view of the city skyline. And earlier this month, they open the newly expanded area – giving you another reason to visit it, whether you’re staying in the neighborhood or not! The new area is beautiful and so I decided to write about it to show the new views to you!

Today, this is one of the upscale residential neighborhoods in the city, for the calm, the convenience of being very close to Manhattan and the structure – a short walk there and you can already see the number of new buildings. Do you know that iconic Pepsi sign? Yep, is there! There is plenty of room to relax, jog or have a picnic, plus the playgrounds for the kids and space for dogs. The area now taken by the park was formerly an industrial area, of sugar refineries.

The photos above are from the park’s already existing area. Below, you can see photos of the new area.

At the new extension of Hunter’s Point South Park, the focus is on quiet recreation and contemplation. Visitors are invited to wander through a carefully designed series of meandering trails and well-chosen vistas, where the water is always tantalizingly close at hand. There are several walkways and paths with the Manhattan skyline, with its iconic buildings such as the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building as a backdrop. The most beautiful part, in my opinion, is a tall promenade that resembles the silhouette of a ship and has a modern design. The view from there is simply fantastic. For sure, it’s something that will not disappoint and is worth your visit!

To help you locate yourself: the new park area is in the south of the NYC Ferry landing area, the East River line.

To get there:

  • By subway: 7 line to Vernon Blv/Jackson Ave. Or M/E lines to Court Sq – 23 St. 
  • By NYC Ferry: ER line to Hunters Point South. AS line to Long Island City (in front of Pepsi sign).
  • There are a lot of CitiBike docks located near the park as well.

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