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Get ready for summer in New York City

A lot of people dream about visiting New York during the winter: Christmas lights (depending on the month, of course), cold weather, and the possibility of snow are some of the traveler’s dreams. But we need to talk about summer in New York City! I decided to gather some tips to help those who want to visit the city at this time of year.

– Do not underestimate summer in NYC – I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard the question, “But is it even hot in New York?”. As the city is famous for the winter, it seems natural that a lot of people think summer is mild here – but, believe me, summer is real. New York has four well-defined seasons – so, yes, it’s hot in New York! The summer officially begins on June 21 and ends on September 22.

– Know what you will find –   Keep in mind that New York’s summer is humid – and on days of high humidity, the feeling of suffocation gets worse. Remember the tip of checking the “feels like” on your weather app? In summer, the trick is to check the humidity. But do not be alarmed: I would say that a few days are VERY unbearable. July and August tend to present the hottest averages – especially the second half of July and the first half of August. In September, the weather is a delight – it’s another ideal month for those who do not like extremes. Temperatures range from 68 to 84F in July, 67 at 82F in August and 60 at 75F in September.

– Be practical when packing – remember: it’s summer! Leave your coats in your country, because you will not need them here. Yes, it usually a little chill at night, but nothing that will require you to wear a sweater! The only advice I would give is to have a pashmina or a light jacket (light, ok? Please!) for those days when you will get very exposed to air conditioning – like in a museum, for example. But that’s all. Women should wear in skirts, dresses, and shorts – prioritize lightweight fabrics, such as cotton, that allow perspiration. Men can use shorts and T-shirts.

– Be prepared – besides comfortable clothes, do not forget to apply sunscreen on your face (every day of the year, right?) and preferably on your arms for those days when you will be exposed for a long period of time! Also, have good sunglasses. You can also use hats and caps. For your feet, be comfortable. I really like white sneakers for the summer: I have a comfortable one and, moreover, it matches everything! Do not use that new sandal during the trip – we never know how new shoes will behave on our feet after a long time walking. Oh, and forget the high heels – leave them only for those days you want to get out at night. Do not forget the water bottle: keeping yourself hydrated is key and you will find drinking fountains in several parks.

– Optimize your travel itinerary – New York has dozens of attractions – indoor and outdoor – and, in the end, your trip will be a mix of indoor and outdoor activities. To enjoy your trip the best way, you should optimize your schedule. Be outside, if possible, early in the morning and after mid-afternoon – since the period between 11 am and 3 pm is usually the hottest. Do not forget that we have saving time here too and, during the summer, the sunset is after 8 pm!

New York is a city with very well defined seasons, remember that. And that’s wonderful because every season is a different city. And in any season, you’ll enjoy it.

I hope you liked these tips! I’m suspicious: I LOVE summer. We spend so many months in the winter and waiting to enjoy life outside! I want everyone to feel the same happiness that I feel when I enjoy life outdoors without a thousand layers of coats!

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