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Everything you need to know about Edge – the newest observation deck in New York City

Since the opening of Hudson Yards, the largest private real estate development in U.S. history since the Rockefeller Center, a year ago, the opening of Edge was one of the most anticipated attractions in New York. Edge is the new observatory in the city and, although the countdown started in 2019, the project was anticipated a few years ago and, since I heard about it, I was very excited. After all, the project was very monumental and different from all the other attractions in the city. In addition, as a content creator, news from New York always makes me super excited. Finally, Edge opened its doors (on Wednesday, March 11) and I had the opportunity to check everything first hand at the event that happened to the press. In this post, you can see all the details, photos, and impressions.


Rising over 1,100 feet in the air from the heart of Hudson Yards, Edge is designed to take visitors out of their comfort zone to experience New York as it has never been seen before. Edge is the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere extending out almost 80 feet from the 100th floor of 30 Hudson Yards. You can enter at the Shops at Hudson Yards (4th floor) and the elevator ride to Edge takes 52 seconds.

In the floor of the deck is a glass floor expanding 225 square feet; this glass floor offers unprecedented views of the city

Technical Details

  • The observation deck stands 1,131 feet in height (345 meters), making Edge the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere;
  • The deck extends almost 80 feet out into the sky
  • The deck is made up of 15 sections, each weighing between 35,000 and 100,000 pounds
  • Bolted together and anchored to the East and South sides of the building, the 765,000 pound sky deck is comprised of 15 main sections, each weighing between 35,000 and 100,000 pounds
  • Edge offers a 7,500 square foot outdoor viewing area
  • The sky deck is bordered by 3,000 square feet of glass walls divided into 79 panels manufactured in Germany and finished in Italy; each panel is 9 feet tall and weighs 1,200 pounds; the glass panels sit on a 6.6-degree angle facing outwards allowing guests to lean out over the city

The Views

Hudson Yards is located right in the west of Manhattan, at 34th Street and, because of that, it offers a unique and special view of New York City – especially the island of Manhattan. From the Edge, you can see from Central Park to the Statue of Liberty, including iconic buildings like the One World Observatory and the Empire State Building, which is basically facing the Edge. Remember: the Empire State is on the same street as the Edge but in the middle of the island. Therefore, the privileged view of this iconic building in the city.


On the observatory floor, Edge has a cafe and also a souvenir shop. On the 101st floor, you will find Peak restaurant, for meals and drinks. Reservations and more information about the menu and prices are on the website.

Is it worth?

I had a lot of expectations about Edge, especially after seeing some promotional videos and photos. And, really, I can say that it is breathtaking. It is an experience unlike any of the other observatories in the city. The open platform is wide, large, does not give that feeling of overcrowding. It is also full of cool photo opportunities. In addition, the complete view of Manhattan is unique. Edge manages to present New York with the grandeur that this city deserves. I recommend it and I dare say: if you have to choose just one observatory, maybe the Edge is the most special.


  • Tickets: $38 (adults) | $31 (children) | $34 (NY residents)
  • FlexPass: $58Pick a date and visit Edge at any time that day

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