My NYC map/guide

After 9 years of living in New York City and creating content about the city, it is with great joy that I announce my newest product: an interactive map of New York City with more than 200 of my best tips compiled.  My map/guide is inside the Rexby platform, which was created to be a space for travel content creators to offer their content compiled in one place.

Who is the guide/map for

  • For those coming to the city for the first time and don’t know where to start planning their trip – the map has all the classic spots to visit in NYC;
  • For those who are looking for new ideas of places to explore off the beaten path – the map has several non-obvious spots;
  • For those who live in the city and are looking for different things to do – the map has several non-obvious spots;
  • For those who want ideas for cool restaurants and bars – there are several suggestions!
  • Click here to buy access to my map/guide!

How’s the map/guide?

The map/guide is created within the Rexby platform and can be accessed via a mobile browser or a computer – it’s not an app!

  • Things to do – it’s similar to the Instagram feed; you’ll find all the more than 200 spots listed by me, including tourist attractions, museums, parks, monuments, and restaurants and bars.
  • Description and tips – by clicking on the photos, you will find more information and photos, as well as prices and estimated time spent;
  • Interactive map – If you prefer, you can explore the places through the map;
  • Itineraries – these are suggestions on exploring the spots – including NYC Classics, perfect for first-timers, and New York off-the-beaten-path.

Two purchase options

  • Unlimited access – which includes things to do + map + itineraries.
  • Map – which includes things to do + map


  • Unlimited access – $35
  • Map – $30
  • Remember: you have lifetime access.



  • How do I access the map? You log in to the Rexby platform with your Facebook or Google account, and the map/guide can be accessed from your mobile browser or computer browser. It’s not an app!
  • Do I need to be connected to the internet to access it? Yup.
  • How long will I have access? Access is lifetime – or as long as the platform exists.
  • What is the payment method? Payment is made via the Rexby platform, and the accepted method is a credit card.
  • Will the map change? Will I have access to updates? Yes, as I explore new locations, I’ll include them on the map.
  • Click here to buy access to my map/guide!


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